NFL 2022: Predicting one cap casualty for every team this offseason

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Bobby Wagner #54 of the Seattle Seahawks (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /
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NFL 2022
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Minnesota Vikings

Potential Cap Casualty: Danielle Hunter

*Note, the Miami Dolphins were skipped. With the most cap space and no logical cut, there was no one that could be chosen to be realistically cut. Sorry Dolphins fans.

The Vikings are the team most in need of some change. While a talented roster, this team is always missing a piece or two and finds them constantly in the middle of the pack of all teams in the league. With one of the worst salary cap situations in the league heading into the offseason, the team may be forced to move on from some talented players and rebuild.

One such name is Danielle Hunter. A supremely talented edge rusher, Hunter failed to stay healthy this past season. He has an enormous cap hit of over $26 million coming up, and the Vikings could save as much as $20 million of that if they made him a post-June-1st cut. It would be a hard player to lose, but the Vikings don’t have many choices.

While there are other more deserving names to be cut, Hunter makes the most sense based on the money he would bring back in. If the Vikings blow up their roster, it would make sense to move him. While a talented player, he costs far too much for a team that is desperate for cap space. It would be huge news, but the Vikings may not have much of a choice this offseason.