3 NFL free agent QBs that can resurrect their careers on new teams

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NFL Free Agency; Las Vegas Raiders quarterbacks Derek Carr (4) and Marcus Mariota (8) watch the action from the sideline during the first quarter against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

NFL Free Agent QB no. 2: Marcus Mariota

Unlike Jameis Winston with the New Orleans Saints, Marcus Mariota has not really had the chance to show whether or not he can still be an NFL starter via spot duty or anything else.

His appearances have been sparse in the last two seasons, but teams could still be high on the traits and mental makeup of the former Heisman candidate out of Oregon.

Mariota, as fate would have it, was the number two overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft right behind Jameis Winston.

He and the Titans had much better team success early on than Winston and the Bucs did, and Mariota made the Titans look like they had the better prospect, too.

He helped lead the Titans to the playoffs in the 2017 season where he had four touchdown passes in two games, but the Titans fell short against the Patriots.

Mariota’s pure speed and athletic talent hasn’t gone anywhere, and we’ve seen evidence of that in the brief appearances he’s made for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Ryan Tannehill took his job in Tennessee and showed the rest of the NFL that reclamation projects can be very worthwhile, so is it possible that Mariota can get another starting job or at least the chance to compete for one in 2022 and do what Tannehill once did?

Again, the talent is still there. The question at this point is whether or not Mariota can find a way to get back to the form we saw on a consistent basis back in 2016 when his touchdown percentage was hovering just under 6.0 percent.