3 players we want next in Season 2 of Netflix “Quarterback” series

Joe Burrow, Netflix Quarterback - Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Burrow, Netflix Quarterback - Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /
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NFL quarterback no. 1: Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

If there is one quarterback I would want to see in the Netflix series next year, and I could only choose one, it would be Russell Wilson. Wilson’s departure from Seattle was one of the biggest storylines in 2022, but it paled in comparison to the storylines that would be created throughout the course of last season.

The Denver Broncos were an abject disaster. They were a weekly train wreck. There were very few redemptive qualities for the team, which fired head coach Nathaniel Hackett before the end of his first year on the job.

Russell Wilson was obviously at the center of so much of the criticism received by the Broncos, and deservedly so. He was playing terribly for most of the year and was generating headlines from all over the football media world. It felt like his departure from Seattle opened up the floodgates for former Seahawks teammates, Seattle beat reporters, and many in the national media to oversaturate the market with Russell Wilson hatred.

Russ has always been a bit on the “corny” side as many accuse him of being, but he’s also been a stand-up guy and is the winningest quarterback over the first 10 years of a career in NFL history. He deserves more respect than what we saw last year.

Putting Wilson under this kind of microscope is probably not the type of attention he really needs at this point, and I doubt he would be one of the subjects for this documentary because of that, but I also wouldn’t put it past Peyton Manning to find a way to get what could be a great redemption story on camera, especially with his ties to the Denver Broncos organization.