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Bet365 Louisiana Bonus Code: Bet $1, Win $365

If you sign up for Bet365, deposit at least $10 and then bet $1 or more on any game today, you'll receive $365 in bonus bets regardless of your wager's outcome. That's +36500 odds!

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1. Sign up for Bet365 with this link (no promo code required)
2. Deposit at least $10
3. Bet $1 or more on any game today

That's it! Once your wager settles, you'll be credited $365 in bonus bets even if you lose.

Note that while you don't have to win, you do need to deposit at least $10 to activate the bonus. That first bet only has to be $1, but don't place it until you've made the proper deposit.

Only new Bet365 users in Louisiana can claim this limited-time promo. It won't last much longer, so sign up for Bet365 now!

How to Bet at Bet365 in Louisiana

Bet365 offers odds on all of the top action around the various sports leagues, whether you're looking at Thursday Night Football, prefer a Saints bet or even a different sport altogether!

Take a moment to explore the user-friendly interface after you sign up and make your deposit. Follow the steps outlined above and you'll get the $365 no matter what.

You'll love Bet365's exclusive odds boosts, helpful tutorials, responsible gaming tools and rewards program that'll keep fantastic bonuses flowing in all year.

There's a reason Louisiana is so excited about Bet365 - sign up now!

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.