Could Big Ben be on his way to the Black Hole?

Ben Roethlisberger to Oakland Raiders a Done Deal?

According to “Kobe,” a former radio jockey in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders have completed a deal, pending league approval, that would send suspended quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to Oakland for Nnamdi Asomugha and a swap of first-round picks.

Reports early this week had pointed to the Steelers openly shopping Roethlisberger, and even going as far to call teams with top 10 picks in Thursday’s NFL draft to gauge interest.

More specifically, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, had hinted at trade talks heating up between the Steelers and Raiders, and they may have finally come to fruition.

After his most recent run-in with the law, Roethlisberger seemed to have fallen out of favor with not only the fans in Pittsburgh, but the almighty Rooney family which eats, sleeps, and breathes everything associated with Steeler football.

The deal, if true, would help both sides fill an immediate need, while allowing both to maintain a first-round pick to further help their team through the draft.

Oakland has been a team in shambles in recent years, and has been in search of a franchise quarterback since the departure of Rich Gannon. Roethlisberger fills that need, and allows Oakland to move on from the disaster that was Jamarcus Russell.

Meanwhile, the Steelers, who have had one of the less-than-stellar secondaries over the last few seasons, gain one of the best corners in the NFL (2nd best by my count) in Nnamdi Asomugha, while also ridding themselves of the dark cloud hovering over the franchise stemming from Roethlisberger’s recent behavior.

The move also allows them to move up ten slots, to the number eight pick, where they could get their hands on the next franchise quarterback in Jimmy Clausen.

It’s rare to trade a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, but it’s even more rare to replace him immediately, and the Steelers have a chance to do that here. It is a must for the Steelers to move Roethlisberger this off-season, and this may be the best deal they get to do so.

It’s also rare that you can trade for a franchise quarterback. Well, at least before this season with Donovan McNabb going to Washington. You don’t get these opportunities everyday so, if the rumors are true, both teams must jump at this chance.

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  • TW

    Who is this source? Need more to go on here.

    • RaiderJack

      You know, its funny….I was (and still am) outraged at Ben’s behavior. Moreover, I don’t necessarily appreciate the prevailing attitude that if you screw up the best and only place for you is the Silver & Black. That being said, if we can Ben to replace Jiggles as quarterback?…MAN OH MAN, BRING HIM!!! AND QUICK!!!

      • ogeezy100

        never give up your best player for someone who could be rollin with sea bas and that we want say .

  • TW

    They wouldn’t take Clausen, actually. They believe Dixon’s their starter of the future, with a year under Leftwich if he needs. At #8 they’d probably drop back a bit, then grab Pouncey or Iupati and Golden Tate.

  • Matt Henry

    Wait, what?

  • vr

    Is this real?

    • Bob Cunningham

      That’s what this guy is reporting. Adam Schefter seemed to allude to this a couple days ago, so this could be the real thing.

  • raiders4life

    not gonna happen!please, it would inprove our offence but what about our defence???????i dont know but we will see.

    • phatal36

      i could tell this was a raiders fan just by the spelling. its ok

      inprove = improve
      offence = offense
      defence = defense

      • raiderphan2

        Ah qwit pickin’ on Jamarcus…. jus ‘cuz he don’t right so good!

  • Randy MorrisRandy

    What have we to lose? 6 weeks w/o Big Ben or 16 weeks of no QB to write home about. Grads is a motivated QB, but fragile. GO RAIDERS

  • raiderplan

    2nd best by you count,then you cant count very good and your sourses probubly dont exist so this story is a wast of time and space get a life and stop makeing up storys about the raiders. try to be original not like all you raider haters how try to make a carrier by how has the best raider joke. LAME’S, down with ESPN


    • mike

      Man, I am now dumber after reading that. Please don’t post anymore, Thanks.

      • michelle

        LOL agreed!

      • Christopher Svensk

        I’m a raiders fan, too. However, that Dude’s as sharp as a door knob!

  • jerseyraider

    this team is not i repeat not trading namdi!!!!!!!!!no f**in way is this happening.

  • jerseyraider

    who is the source captain kangaroo. stop with the nonsense will ya hahaha.

  • Jack

    False rumor.

  • Ryan

    Who the F is “Kobe”??? Kobe Bryant? He was never a radio host.

    • Bob Cunningham

      No. Not Kobe Bryant.

  • Stew

    Anytime you can rely on a former DJ, obviously, you have to run with the story.

  • Daniel Kablack

    Eh, I won’t say anything on this, could just be someone looking to cash in on the internet traffic directed toward Ben Roethlisberger.. but who knows.

    Honestly, if they guy can’t keep his job as a radio host, I don’t know if I can trust him.



  • michael

    Hell yeah Id do it, he’s young, and we will get another DB. We are known for our good DBs. We just need an o line, but I don’t think this rumor is true either because, I got a bunch of email rumors about how the raiders are gonna do a lot. I kind of have a feeling no one knows what Al Davis is thinking … I’m just sayin, it would be nice but I doubt it.

    • Don

      The only thing the Raiders are known for is record setting suckage.

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  • trollercoaster

    whoo hoo!!!

    hello 10-6!!!

  • trollercoaster

    who cares if he chases a bit of tail… you know she cried “rape” when he was gone or didn’t return phone calls. bitches be vindictive hos.

    it’s like bringing in joe montana or dan marino to the franchise. it would almost be impossible for mr. burns to fuck this one up… almost.

  • Juan

    The Steelers will take the 8th pick alone, theres no need to trade the best corner in the league and swap picks. Al Davis has done some retarded thing in the 1000 years in Oakland. But losing the face of the defense for a qb who has his issues isnt too smart. A simple trade of the first round so the steelers can pick up Clausen at 8 would do it

  • Daniel Kablack

    Per a report from Steve Corkran of the Oakland Tribune, the Raiders contacted the Steelers about a possible trade for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. However, Oakland is unwilling to part with their first round pick (No. 8 overall) and Pittsburgh won’t throw their first pick (No. 18) into the mix to improve the deal.

  • JSpicoli

    Suuuure, let’s trade a probowl character elite CB for a QB who isn’t even availbe for 4-6 weeks, and put him behind a line that sucks ass. Meanwhile we will swap 1st round picks. Genius! You have offically taken the bait.

    this makes zero sense.

  • Bill Mahaney

    If I was Al Davis, Ben would already be in Oakland. Ben makes Raiders a legitimate play-off team. Hate giving up Nnamdi, but a QB trumps a DB anyday!! And we still get the 18th pick!!

  • robert shannon

    a deal might be done sending big ben to oaklank! i think it would be a good move,but loosing asomugha is huge. but with the raiders getting big ben use pitts 18th overall pick and might still be able to draft dez bryant there if avalable. i think it can happan and i actually like that thought.

  • Indyca

    Although gaining Ben as a quarterback would be good for the Raiders, it would be a great loss to lose Nnmandi. Nnmandi is undisputedly THE best player we have on the team, not to mention a man with great morals. I am saddened to hear of this rumor. I think it could be a HUGE mistake.

  • robert shannon

    trading to get big ben would be huge and with the 18th pick they can still get a good offensive linemen or get dez bryant maybe and still get a good db in the 2nd or even 3rd round


    AL YOU NEED TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wetdawg

    Please Al…make it happen. LOL

  • suede

    I’m sorry i dont see that trade happening maybe our 3rd for jason campbell and a 5throunder from washington

  • Raider Shaun

    kirk morrison or 5th for Jason Campbell seems more likely. If we got rid of Namdi what makes anybody think we would take Dez Bryant? need a lt to protect big ben n a replacement for Asomougha

  • Jerry Hodges

    Dream On,
    I could only wish and the People in Hell want ICE water. Big Ben would be a great addition to the Team. I wander how Ben would Fell being the Back up to Russel! Its time for Al to do the right thing and give the Team to his Son. PLEASE. I feel like an old sanits fan just need the Paper Bags

  • frank verduzco


  • J.D. Rutherford

    If we get Big Ben, we get a quarterback that brings us hope. Who cares about the B.S. he went through. Kobe went through the same and he’s still a good ball player. People always focus on the wrong issues. I don’t care if he’s swapping spit with Little Richard if he gets us outta this embarressing slump, bring him on. We need both an offense and defensive line. But most of all, we need to jump on that new stadium deal in L.A. I’m tired of watching my Raiders play on the ugliest field in the NFL. Bring on Big Ben, Bring em Back to L.A. Oakland don’t deserve em. Screw Oakland for making em play on that Pop Warner Football field.