Why would Big Ben want to stop drinking and give this up?

Steelers Should Still Try to Trade Ben Roethlisberger

I make no secret I believe Ben Roethlisberger violated that girl in the bar in Georgia. To be frank, the reports simply fit together far too well not to be true.

Either this girl is the best liar on the planet, or what she says truly happened and she was violated in a way that no person should ever have to go through.

But even if the Steelers don’t feel the same way about the situation, they should still be looking for a way to move the embattled quarterback before things really hit the fan.

Recently, Roethlisberger told the media he doesn’t see the need to quit drinking. Apparently he believes drinking has not had anything to do with all the trouble in which he’s been in.

He sees no correlation between drinking and impaired judgment. Either that, or he just thinks he’s the only person alive immune to the effects of alcohol on your decision-making. And for him, he needs to be thinking as clearly as possible at all times for his sake and for the sake of any co-eds within a 30-mile radius.

His unwillingness to stop making bad decisions makes me absolutely confident that he will repeat these heinous actions that have already put his career in jeopardy, not to mention his freedom.

Getting away with it the first two times is going to do nothing but empower him. He’s going to feel untouchable and will attempt the same thing yet again. And when it happens for a third time, Roger Goodell will hand down a year-long suspension without even blinking.

The Steelers have always represented that blue-collar working man of Pittsburgh. They’ve always been a hard-nosed team known for its class off the field. But as long as Roethlisberger is wearing their colors, they’ll forever be associated with the most heinous of crimes.

And realistically, they’re not Super Bowl contenders anyway. They could probably sucker some team out of a few draft picks, and then when Roethlisberger slips up again and is gone for an entire season, if not longer, it won’t be on them.

Byron Leftwich is more than capable of filling in for the season while they attempt to figure out a long-term fix, so there’s no time better than right now (except for maybe before the draft) to make this move, wash their hands of this disgraceful person, and move forward.

They’re going to be playing without Roethlisberger one way or another, so they might as well make it on their teams and get something in return before he’s taken by either Commissioner Goodell via a suspension, or by the legal system via a conviction.

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  • Tom

    Are you serious? She wasn’t even a good liar! Did you actually watch her videotaped statements or are you just one of those lemmings that let the media “tell” you what was said? Nevermind, I can see from you’re comment about his drinking that you get your news from Mike Florio – the tabloid king of sports media.

    There is no way anyone with any common sense could watch those and claim that “the pieces fit together.”.

    Byron Leftwich for an entire season? What are you smoking?

  • Laura

    I wish that everyone would write Ben a letter and tell him what they think about him and these interviews that he is giving. If Ben does commit a 3rd offense of any kind I’m finished with him. However, I am willing to give him another change. If I was Ben I do think I would consider quiting drinking. On the other hand during the recent treatment that Ben underwent, I wonder to what extent he was questioned or treated for substance abuse. I guess we will never know? I wish Ben the best. He will certainly need it.

  • FFVS

    I agree with Tom!! are you kidding me ??? the girl couldn’t remember what, who, where, when anything happened !! Changed her entire story within 24 hours! The only think she IS sure of (and admitted) was that SHE was DRUNK !! This is the type of unintelligent media reporting that needs to be banned from the news. It’s apparent that you’re one sided, mentally unstable and have deep issues with your hatred for the steelers! Get a grip !!

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      She was drunk because Ben and his crew were reportedly pouring drinks into her all night.

      • Keith

        “She was drunk because Ben and his crew were reportedly pouring drinks into her all night”

        Wrong Bob, she was drinking all day and night BEFORE she met up with Ben’s group.

        Miss DTF was also busted with a fake ID twice in a month.

        • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

          And the bartender said Ben was buying her drinks all night long.

          • Keith

            “And the bartender said Ben was buying her drinks all night long”

            You mean the bar tender who was part of the part who allowed an underaged par patron to pass for 21?

            Of course they are going to say that. She’s trying to save her own ass.

          • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

            The bartender would be in trouble either way so there’s no motive there.

  • FFVS

    Just because the guy goes to a bar, has some drinks, tries to pick up a woman (after all, he IS single !!), I don’t think that classifies him as an alcoholic !! I give him credit for admitting that drinking played a part in acting immature, stupid, whatever, but to throw him into the bucket of being an addict ?? If that’s the case, every guy/girl you see in a bar must be alcoholic, right ? And no BAC tests were run on him that night, or anything other night for that matter…..All of the holy rollers coming out on this story makes me sick !!

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      I didn’t say he was an alcoholic. But when he’s saying alcohol played a part in his terrible decision-making, why continue drinking and potentially put yourself back in that situation? He’s got no real desire to change and makes it very clear.

  • Tim

    Bob, you’re an idiot on other websites, and an idiot here too. No offense, certainly. “I make no secret I believe Ben Roethlisberger violated that girl in the bar in Georgia. To be frank, the reports simply fit together far too well not to be true.”

    If you don’t see the myriad of endless holes in this story, I can’t help you.


    In that link, Dr. Sean Wilson tears apart the case (does not defend Ben) but shows hole after hole after gaping hole in the story.

    And you missed them all.

    Not that I’m surprised.

    PS…just because Philly traded away your franchise QB doesn’t mean you have to hate the rest of ours :)

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      Dr. Wilson needs to do some more studies on the behaviors of rape victims. Just because she denied it at the scene doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. That’s quite common in fact.

      Also, several people from the bar, including the bartender who has a birds-eye view of this sort of thing corroborates everything. Take off the rose-colored glasses and see this guy for what he truly is.

      At the very least he’s incredibly immature. He goes to college bars and pumps drinks into co-eds so he can get a hookup? Not to mention the incidents with the Bike, the first girl, the way he bad-mouthed Bill Cowher, etc.

      You’re in the minority, partner. Even the Rooneys and Goodell at least believe there was some sort of wrong-doing.

      • Tim

        And this time Bob, actually read the article. Clear and evident you haven’t. You believe what you want to believe obviously, not what is or could be.

    • Keith

      Dr. Wilson tore that case to ribbons BEFORE they released the DVD/CDs.

      If he did a follow up? Wow. It would be even worse.

      • Tim

        Nice that you edited your article.

        You stated you are convinced he committed a crime. I merely pointed out a very thorough debunking of your theory, done by someone smarter than all of us. There are more holes in this case than you can shake a stick at.

        You are convinced – because you want to be.

        Write something with substance please, not your speculation.

        • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

          This is an opinion site and is NOTHING BUT my speculation, really.

  • Jeff

    You are really dumb. The girl said Ben penetrated her without a condom. She went immediately to the hospital & had a rape test and there was no dna of Ben in her. That is 100% impossible. You need to go back to high school & do some “learning” to your apparent trailer side education.

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      Read the statements of the people who were in the bar that night. Funny how they’re all saying pretty much the same thing.

      Not to mention the fact that the investigators and DA all came to the conclusion that he’s guilty, but just didn’t feel they had enough evidence to proceed — something all too common today.

      Just because he’s an athlete doesn’t mean he can’t possibly be a rapist.

      • Keith

        “Not to mention the fact that the investigators and DA all came to the conclusion that he’s guilty, but just didn’t feel they had enough evidence to proceed — something all too common today”

        So why did the DA admit he didn’t have probable cause? If he felt Ben was guilty there is no way in hell he would state that, it’s not possible.

      • Keith

        “Read the statements of the people who were in the bar that night. Funny how they’re all saying pretty much the same thing.”

        Actually Bob they aren’t. The accuser and her friends aren’t making consistent statements. They don’t add up at all.

        For example here are statements from the accuser’s star witness:

        The PG….

        One of the woman’s friends, Nicole Biancofiore, said the woman “was dragged by a bodyguard to the back room in Capital. She was extremely intoxicated and not aware of what was happening.”

        The Trib:

        Student Nicole Biancofiore told Milledgeville officers that Barravecchio “placed his hand” on the young accuser’s “shoulder and (applied) a little bit of pressure to guide her” to the staff restroom.


        Zeta sister Nicole Biancofiore said she was in the VIP area when she saw the same girl being guided to a back hallway by one of the “bodyguards.” Still, she said, her friend looked like she was having fun.

        Well which is it? It can’t be all three.

        And here’s the kicker, the accuser’s version doesn’t even match ONE of those statements from Miss Biancofiore.

        • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

          Those all sound like reasonable variations that are taken into account by investigators. Give me a break. That’s a lame attempt to derail the argument.

          • Keith

            Reasonable variations? Three different accounts of how the woman got to the back room, and two different accounts of her demeanor once she got there? All made by the same women?

            And here’s the kicker, courtesy of Miss DTF herself.

            “I was like, ‘Well, I need to go to the bathroom, let’s go to the bathroom.’ So I went to the bathroom”

            So she’s telling investigators she went on her own, and her friends are saying she was dragged back there?

            And you don’t see that as a problem?

            Ben haters like you are derailing the argurement.

            No DNA.

            No probable cause for an arrest.


      • Jeff

        what do statements of people that were not in the bathroom have to do with there being no DNA of Ben on the girl after the rape test ? you’re not too bright. If you penetrate & the girl goes immediately to the hospital your dna will be there. i’m talking skin cells not semen. Since you seem to be retarded i figured i better get specific with you. It is impossible for Ben to have penetrated her. Go back to school and learn something.

      • madman

        Btw, BOB…the reason the witnesses have the same “identical” story (as you vehemently pointed out) is because they are all in the same sorority (even the bartender). The interviews were conducted a couple days later (after they all had time to corroborate their stories/lies.)

  • Keith

    First you must get something right.

    The only thing Ben has said was he doesn’t believe he has a problem with drinking. And, during his NFL evaluation, the medical experts can determine if he does have an alcohol problem, and if they do? The NFL would have forbid him to drink.

    Two, if you read the reports, and then heard the interviews on the CDs? There is no way in hell you can think he raped her. Too many inconsistencies.

    Add to that:

    NO DNA.

    The medical experts who examined the accuser could say how her “bruises” came to light either by consensual sex or forced sex. Ben said they didn’t have intercourse, and the evidence backs him up.

  • http://steelers.com BOB IS AN IDIOT


    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham


  • Smitty_99

    I read your bio on this site and I see that you are a relatively new writer trying to make a name for yourself the best way you can.

    That said, this article severely damages your credibility. If I were you I would seriously consider a issuing a retraction.

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      I’ve been doing this for a little over a year, so yeah I suppose I’m relatively new. However, there’s no way an opinion article can hurt my credibility all that much. Either you agree or you don’t, which is fine.

      I’m just not sure why people can’t disagree without being disagreeable.

      Anywho, I won’t issue a retraction. In my opinion Ben has shown he’s incredibly immature, has a God complex, and won’t change his ways. The Steelers should cut their losses and part ways with him now before he’s taken from them.

      I know if it were me he’d already be on the way out.

      So thanks for the suggestion, but I won’t be taking it.

      • Keith

        Says the fan of the team that employs Mike Vick. LOL

        • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

          You’re right. I was the one who went out and signed him. Also, as heinous as Vick’s crimes were, they weren’t committed on another human being.

          • Keith

            Ben committed no crime. He wasn’t charged and there was no probable cause for an arrest.

            Facts are a bitch I know, but guess what Chief? They are still facts.

      • Reality check

        WHO SAYS he won’t change his way?? Are you a shrink? Do you know Ben personally?? Seriously even though these are just your opinions any reasonable person would have to come to the conclusion that you are a Ben Hater! There is no way to logically say that Ben won’t change. Do what I’m saying make sense to you Mr Blogger?

  • shortday

    Bob, I don’t see you ever being chosen for a jury. You’re suppose to wait for ALL the evidence before you reach a verdict.

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      Clearly it’s nothing more than a gut feeling. I understand that. Were it a civil case, he would most certainly lose. However, as the DA in Georgia said, there isn’t evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. But that doesn’t mean my gut doesn’t tell me this guy did it.

      I’m studying pre-law so I understand the difference.

      • shortday

        Bob, I still believe you’re rushing to judgment. I obviously don’t know all the facts but, based on what I’ve read, I have a gut feeling that something consensual happened and it was immediately regretted. You can hardly deny the possibility. Consequently, I’m not so sure she would win a civil case. In fact, your statement that Roethlisberger would most certainly lose a civil case is nothing short of ludicrous.

        • Keith

          “Were it a civil case, he would most certainly lose”

          With no DNA evidence after being accused of unprotected sex during a rape?

          That makes no sense Bob.

          Then, you thrown in the conflicting statements by the woman and her “witnesses”.

          If you are studying pre-law and you think Ben did this based on the physical evidence in this case I suggest you stop.

          • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

            Preponderance of evidence. That’s it. Just the same gut feeling I have and he’s forking over millions.

  • Pdonettes

    I dont think the issues is what has been done. I dont know what he did or did not do. No one really does. Its all speculation. The thing is, what haopends now? If he is guilty, yes, he will feel empowered, and probably do it again. If it was in fact, concensual, he will still be the target of people in the future looking to take advantage of his past indescretions. And either way, how will anyone know? All I know is,if it was me in his situation, I would not assume that I could keep doing what I had been and things would magically change. If he cant take responsability for his actions, someone needs to step in and do it for him. Not because he is a sports star, but I think that goes for anyone who is endangering women with thier actions. Why is it such a horrible thing to watch out for someone who doesnt have the common sense to look out for themselves. Especially when the safty of other may be involved? I dont give a crap about someones delicate sensitivities, or if they feel offended by that. People need to take morer social resonsability. This didnt happen in his appartment. It happend in a crowded bar. No one did anything. None of the patrons, staff, or his bodyguards did anything to stop this. I think the Steelers need to get rid of him because it sets a bad precedent to the other players.

    • shortday

      The only thing we know with certainty is that Ben is guilty of poor judgment. That is hardly a reason to get rid of him.

  • shortday

    Bob, Preponderance of evidence? Based on all the evidence that’s been released to date, statements by the prosecutor and investigators, and subsequent contradictory statements by at least one eyewitness, I would conclude that any civil case would strongly favor Roethlisberger… which is why we probably won’t see one. I think that gut feeling of yours may be indigestion. All kidding aside, I find it extremely difficult to believe that you’re studying pre law, at least with any guidance.

  • madman

    First of all, if Troy is healthy all year, the Steelers ARE SB contenders. Secondly, Leftwich is NOT capable of filling in for an entire season, if we ARE to “contend.” The Leftwich (this year)–and long term replacement plan–that you suggest, is ok if you want to be an average team this year, and for a few years to come.
    Lastly, imo, what Ben was “accused” of is no more “heinous” as what dozens of other pro athletes have been “proven” to have done over the years…and some of them are decorated HOFers.

  • The Truth

    “And the bartender said Ben was buying her drinks all night long.”
    How long were they at the Capital City nightclub Bob? The sorority sisters were drinking Jell-O shots at an apartment until midnight. Then they did some bar hopping and ended up at Capital City around 1AM. How was Roethlisberger buying the girl drinks all night?

    See that’s the problem with this story. Everyone reporting on it, sports blogs included, only want to glean certain pieces or actually fabricate their own versions of the story. I’m not a Roethlisberger apologist, but there’s some fault to be applied to the other side as well. By the way, look at this picture and you will clearly see that that the accuser has over 21 armbands on.


    That hasn’t been reported on very widely. It was in Officer Lopez’ report as well. I wouldn’t be willing to take everything those girls said as gospel. Two of the girls were forced to turn fake ID’s in to the police the next day.

    This isn’t to take away from Roethlisberger being an idiot for going to a college bar and providing alcohol to a bunch of young girls that he may or may not known were underage. They weren’t force fed those drinks though. Don’t forget that the rape kit came back with nothing. No pubic hair, no saliva, no nothing. The minute sample of male DNA they obtained couldn’t even be identified as semen. The accuser doesn’t even know what happened, because her story changed as it went along. For you to throw claims out there that you feel she was “violated” by Roethlisberger and that the pieces fit together so perfectly is an utter distortion. If the evidence was there and the pieces fit together, Roethlisberger would have a court date to attend.

  • http://1Steelers.com Matt

    Another idiot writer trying to generate controversy.

    Did you see the part of HER interview where SHE suggested they go to the bathroom?

    I guess you ignored that part.

  • http://1Steelers.com Matt

    If Ben is so evil, the Steelers should cut him.

    Trading him is hypocritical.

  • The Truth

    After being suspended by the league for 4 to 6 games, I can hardly imagine that Roethlisberger feels “untouchable” as Bob puts it, even though he got through the Georgia incident without criminal charges. Recently, he’s done some TV interviews locally in Pittsburgh to help mend some fences with the fans. Pretty much saying all the right things, even though I’m sure he’s got some canned/rehearsed answers and there are some subjects that he just can’t talk about because of any civil lawsuit ramifications. If he keeps his nose clean and also doesn’t put his foot in his mouth over the next year, he will have improved his marketability to other NFL teams. If he plays his cards right, he may be able to get things “right” enough to remain in Pittsburgh. I can’t see the Steelers trying to move him now. He’s still considered damaged goods and they will want more from their investment. I think they’ll be willing to hold onto Roethlisberger until most of this blows over and he has at least the appearance of a changed man. The Rooneys aren’t the stellar moral family that the NFL and the media portray them to be. Keep that in mind as well. They want to win football games and they want the biggest return on their investment. They could afford to jettison Holmes because his contract is going to be up after this year. They’ve invested millions in Roethlisberger in terms of a signing bonus and he’s also signed long term. Perhaps there is the risk that he won’t change, but I think they’re willing to take that risk, at least for a little while longer.

  • richie cunningham

    dont mind bob

    he’s my retarted brother

  • http://nflspinzone.com/2010/06/13/steelers-should-still-be-trying-to-move-ben-roethlisberger/ Nipple Dick

    Shit! I logged in under the wrong ID….should have used Bob Cunningham…my bad.

  • The Truth

    LOL @ Nipple, errr, I mean Bob.

  • The Truth

    He’d look good in a Philadelphia Eagle uniform, yes?

  • Jeff

    Bob refuses to explain how a guy can penetrate a girl with no condom, the girl go immediately to the hospital and get a rape test & their be no dna of the accused ? Bob would have been one of those stupid jurors that put innocent people behind bars 25 years ago that are now getting out because of the massive increase in dna technology. Bob likes speculative evidence over scientific evidence.

  • smitty_99

    You’re getting killed here. Some of the comments are a bit on the cruel side, but the bottom line is that you are wrong in your assertions.

    Please swallow your pride and issue a retraction.

    Thanks, Smitty_99

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      If I issued a retraction every time someone thought I was wrong I’d probably double my output. It’s not a big deal, really. They’ve got the right to feel the way they feel. As do I.

      • madman

        Except you’re basing your “feelings” on the statements of a couple of party animal sorority girls, rather than scientific evidence. This is the 21st century, Bob.–Opinions and eyewitnesses are unreliable and mostly discounted in court–VIDEO and DNA rule. So, basically, your “opinion” is nothing more than National Enquirer type gossip that fat redneck women may enjoy reading, but not grown men that live in the real world, in the 21st century.

  • smitty_99

    I meant in the interest of salvaging what little credibilty you have left with the people who have commented on this story.

    With over 50 comments posted there isn’t even one person in agreement with you.

    I will not be commenting anymore. You’ve lost this reader.

    Good luck

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      That’s the problem with things these days. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean people must be disagreeable and get personal. I think he did it. You all don’t. Someone is right, someone is wrong. Will we ever know for sure? Probably not.

      But, at the end of the day, it’s just an opinion. An opinion you’re all welcome to reject and criticize.

      However, to say this opinion wipes away all credibility, I would say, is ludicrous.

      I’ve had my opinions picked up and rebroadcast by some of the top news outlets out there, including CBS, FOX, ESPN, etc. as well as appearing on several different radio shows, so I don’t think this one article is going to kill a still-budding career.

      I hope you’ll change your mind and come back. Perhaps we’ll agree on something sooner or later.

  • The Truth

    This is just another excellent example of the many blogs and articles written by subjective authors selectively pulling out little pieces of the story without full knowledge or understanding of what happened in Georgia. Selective information usage or igonorant interpretation of the facts being used to help entice webhits or just attempts to bring down a person of celebrity. There probably hasn’t been such a biased railroading of a celebrity or sports figure to this degree in our history. Much of it also due to jealous Steeler haters that use the Roethlisberger incident as a tool for putting down the QB and his team. This isn’t to take anything away from Roethlisberger’s idiotic behavior, but the reaction and feeding frenzy to misconstrue what actually ocurred is mind numbing. And as some of these writers come off as holier than thou stone throwers, I’m sure a good percentage of them don’t lead the most stellar of lives.

    • Jeff

      You hit the nail on the head Truth. Just one example of important facts Bon likes to overlook. During this “3 seconds of sex” the accuser is asked in the police interview if she saw any distinguishing marks, tattoos or the color or type of Bens boxers. She says no that Ben had sex with her with his shirt on & his pants fully zipped up with his penis pulled out over top of his pants. c’mon man that’s almost impossible, plus it would hurt too much & not even be enjoyable.

  • Jeff

    Hey Bob,
    still waiting for any answer on how you can penetrate a girl & not have your DNA show up at hospital rape test ? I’m sorry you don’t like important facts but like gossip but i’ll give you another fact. Almost 100% of the time a girl cries rape & immediately goes to the hospital for tests, whether the guy is arrested is based almost completely on the test results. That’s why i knew Ben was innocent of the allegations when they didn’t arrest him soon after. The hospital calls the cops & says go get the criminal we have the goods. If this case had been in a big city like Chicago it would have been dismissed right away. But they put on a show for over a month because it was a Georgia peach from a small town.

  • Ray Sanzi

    Your pretty stupid. If you are a talented journalist, please try to write a better column.

  • madman

    Btw, Bob–Since opinions are free– Did you watch the video interviews? I did. At this point, along with the lack of actual witnesses, evidence, DNA, etc, I am wondering why these young women weren’t charged with falsifying felonious charges (or whatever the technical crime would be for LYING ABOUT AN ASSAULT). It’s possible that years from now e may find out BEN was the real VICTIM in Milledgeville. Beeyah!

    • Jeff

      Hey Madman, your opinion is just as valid as Bob’s opinion.

  • Irving

    It’s a shame they pay people like you to write about people like Ben, when it is plane to see your a hater wishing you could have the girl and the fame. Lastly
    you are most likely gay.

  • Freddie Scott

    So where do I sign up to be a sports writer? Cause if Bob can get a job being this clueless I know I can work some magic.

  • Collin

    Ben is innocent, but he was an idiot to get himself in that situation. what’s a NFL QB doing at a college bar. he got himself in the situation but there is no proof that says he did anything so why would the Steelers get rid of him. what are you a browns fan lol

  • haha

    yeah… the Steelers arent contenders to the superbowl at all right?

    oh wait… they are in it

  • Cincy Fan

    As much as I hate to say it, Ben is a winner. And this article is why Bob “The Big Douche” Cunningham works for NFL Spin Zone and not ESPN. Steelers not a contender? They were IN THE SUPER BOWL you big dummy. What’s your next prediction? Alex Smith for MVP? Cunningham is a waste of time.

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      Thank you for the nickname it’s umm… lovely. And yeah I suppose I underestimated that defense. Hindsight is lovely, and I can guarantee you I’d get it right if I wrote this article today and dated it 9 months ago!