Some new money should guarantee Johnson is in camp on time.

Report: Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans Work Out New Deal

According to Mike Florio of, Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans have worked out a deal that would give Johnson a lot of up-front money in 2010, but adds nothing for any years after that and does not add any time to his current deal.

That has become the only realistic option for a lot of teams and players this offseason as the CBA unrest and rules under an uncapped year handcuff any new deals to a 30 percent increase.

According to Florio and his source, the deal has yet to be signed and financial terms were not disclosed. So, at this point, all we know is that there might be a handshake deal between Johnson and the Titans.

It’s not exactly front-page stuff, but it’s certainly good news for Titans fans worried about losing their star player for a portion of the 2010 season.

Johnson has been clamoring for a mega-deal all offseason long, so his willingness to take the Titans’ band-aid offer is a bit surprising. He didn’t seem to fully understand the constraints the Titans are facing under the odd circumstances of an uncapped season, so he is either clouded by dollar signs (even if they are smaller than what he wanted), or someone was finally able to get through to him.

The exact amount will be very interesting to hear and could have a ripple effect. DeSean Jackson, the lightning-fast wide receiver from the Philadelphia Eagles, is also looking for a new deal and is the same sort of home-run threat as Johnson, just at a different position.

Jackson will likely be paying very close attention whenever a dollar amount is released, and could head to the Eagles front office with a new demand to come at least in the ballpark of what Johnson will be receiving.

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