Vick is likely to miss 1-2 with injured rib cartilage.

Adam Schefter: Michael Vick Not Expected to Start in Week 5

The bad news just continues to get worse for Eagles fans. First Michael Vick is knocked out of the game against the Washington Redskins, then we discover that LeSean McCoy, Riley Cooper, and Asante Samuel are all likely to miss time, and now it appears as though Vick will miss at least one week.

Per Adam Schefter’s via Twitter: “A rib cartilage injury will prevent Eagles QB Michael Vick from playing Sunday at [San Francisco 49ers], according to source familiar with (the) situation.”

Usually I would scoff at a report this early in the week, but Schefter seems to be on top of everything that goes in on the NFL and has sources for all 32 teams. His source could very well be the Eagles’ team doctors for all we know.

But either way, he’s right more often than not.

This would mean Kevin Kolb is the starter once again. He’s watched from the bench the past two weeks, but it looks like he’ll be getting a shot at redemption earlier than anyone thought. And if he comes out and performs well enough to get the team a win, the quarterback controversy could heat up yet again.

For me, this will truly prove where head coach Andy Reid stands on his quarterbacks. He first said Kolb would be the guy, but after six spectacular quarters from Vick, he made Vick the permanent starter. But if he loves Kolb as much as he says, it could be tough for him to put him back on the bench should he come out and lead the Birds to a win.

I doubt how much he truly trusts Kolb, so I expect to see Vick as the starter as soon as he’s ready to come back regardless of Kolb’s play.

I’m not sure how sunny it is, but it’s always interesting in Philadelphia.

UPDATE: Vick has said on a radio appearance that he will miss a week or two. It’s officially Kolb time — again.

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