Carolina isn't loaded with talent, but they're better than 1-9.

Carolina Panthers Should Implode Everything and Start Over

Football is most certainly a team sport, but it takes a lot for the rest of the team to overcome the lack of a quarterback and head coach. Unfortunately for the Carolina Panthers, that’s exactly where they find themselves.

Keeping a head coach in a contract year was always considered a terrible idea, and we’re seeing why in Carolina. John Fox has completely phoned it in. There is no reason not to start the rookie quarterback when your team is 1-9. It’s not even like Fox went out and got a proven veteran — he got Brian St. Pierre, a 31-year old making his first start.

Come to think of it, saying he “phoned it in” might be underestimating what he’s doing. From the outside, it looks like Fox is intentionally trying to make this team as bad as possible.

This team is unprepared and uninspired. I understand the record is awful and the playoff hopes were extinguished about a month ago, but we still see teams like the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, and Dallas Cowboys trying as hard as they possibly can just for their pride’s sake.

Fox can’t even get his team to do that.

There should have been a switch at head coach and quarterback before the season even began, but now there’s no reason not to let Fox walk (and underachieve wherever he goes next), and go get one of the big names on the market.

Bill Cowher has been said to be interested in the Carolina job, Jon Gruden might love the chance to play his former team twice a year, and if they’re willing to take personnel decisions away from the GM, they might even be able to lore Bill Parcells off the coach.

But whatever they do, anything would be better than what Fox is currently putting together.

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