Mark Sanchez and the Jets had a rought Monday night.

New York Jets Embarrassed By New England Patriots in Foxboro

Well, that’s certainly not what anyone expected.

As I sat down to enjoy what I thought was going to be a very good game, I found myself rather bored after the first quarter. I assume the game was much more enjoyable for the people of New England, but for those of us looking for a good game, we were left looking forward to Thursday and Week 14.

New England flew out to a 17-0 lead and never looked back. When all was said and done, they had shellacked the Jets 45-3 and turned talks of AFC East superiority on its head.

Despite a young and mostly unimpressive defense for most of the year, and an offense lacking any real weapons outside of the quarterback, the Patriots continue to get it done and are playing like one of the best teams in the league.

But what else would you expect out of a Bill Belichick team?

Down the stretch, there’s no one better. I’d give my left hand to be a fly on the wall during the Patriots’ meetings around this time of year. I just want to know what Belichick is saying to these guys that has everyone one of them playing like superstars at the most crucial time of year.

On the flip-side, I’d like to sit down with every Jets player and ask them what in the hell they were doing.

The receivers and running backs were dropping passes early and often, Mark Sanchez was sailing every other pass, and the defense was an absolute mess from start to finish.

It could have been a mental let-down after a long week and the loss of Jim Leonhard, it could have been too much bulletin board material for the Pats from Rex Ryan, it could just be an aberration, or the Jets might not be as good as we all (especially me) thought.

The point is that this one game really told us nothing other than the Pats mean business. Even if we discover the Jets aren’t that great, a 45-3 win is impressive regardless of who it’s against.

That, and Tom Brady is a legitimate MVP candidate. In fact, he might be at the top of the list at this point.

For the Pats, this is a game to build on. This is a great jumping-off point to win out and take the AFC East, and perhaps even home-field advantage.

For the Jets, this is a game to forget ever happened. The guys probably won’t even watch the film of this one. The most telling thing about this game for the Jets will be how they respond in the coming weeks.

Hopefully for them it’s better than how they responded Monday night.

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