Delhomme was a huge miss for the Browns.

Buffalo Bills Officially Eliminate Cleveland Browns From Playoffs

Cleveland Browns fans weren’t holding out much hope, but those who were can let it go; the Browns were eliminated from the playoffs after their loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Jake Delhomme was at the center of the Browns’ offensive woes as he went 12 for 20 for a pathetic 86 yards and one interception. He couldn’t find any of his receivers even when they were open, and he continues to prove that he was the beneficiary of a good team around him in Carolina during his time with the Panthers.

Delhomme has been easily outplayed this season by both Seneca Wallace and the rookie Colt McCoy, so I was a bit surprised to find that Delhomme was the starter once again.

After the season he’s had, it’s probably safe to say Browns fans won’t have to worry about him next season.

Peyton Hillis continued his breakout season with over 100 yards on the ground, but he fumbled three times, losing one of them in the red zone. Leaping over defenders has become something of a signature play for him, but he found out why it’s largely discouraged.

Making things worse for Browns fans is that the defense played well. Normally that’s not a bad thing, but it probably means that Rob Ryan will be offered a head coaching gig in the offseason and the defense will have to start from scratch with someone new.

For the Bills, they grow further and further away from being able to snag Andrew Luck in the upcoming draft. But, with the way Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing, they might be able to sit tight, grab a quarterback wherever they wind up picking, and let him sit for a season behind the Harvard guy.

The Bills were eliminated from the playoffs a long time ago, so now both teams have nothing to look forward to over the next three weeks other than playing spoiler.

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