DeAngleo Hall was named Pro Bowl MVP.

NFC Wins Pro Bowl 55-41; Game Continues to Be a Complete Joke

The NFC squad defeated the AFC by a score of 55-41 in the 2010 (or maybe 2011?) NFL Pro Bowl. The NFC jumped out to a 42-7 lead in the first half before coasting the rest of the way.

With six tackles, an interception, and a forced fumble he returned for a touchdown, the Washington Redskins’ corner DeAngelo Hall was named the game’s MVP.

And that’s it. Other than that, no one cares. Frankly, I’m not sure anyone cares about that much. I had the game on in the background while I played on the computer and some NBA 2k11 on the Playstation 3. It was baffling to me that an NFL game was on and I could hardly pay attention, but that’s the point I think most are at with the Pro Bowl.

I’m sure it’s great for the players who get to mess around in Hawaii for a week and the fans who go to the game. I’m sure the atmosphere is wonderful. But for the fan watching on TV, it’s a bunch of the league’s best players playing in a pick-up game with some  ugly uniforms.

To make matters worse, a ton of the guys there were second, third, or fourth choices. Guys just got done playing a full season and their bodies are beaten and bruised; most of them want nothing to do with another game. They wind up pulling out and the guys playing in the Super Bowl obviously aren’t going to participate. So when the rosters are set, both squads are filled with slightly above-average players rather than superstars.

The game means nothing, and the best thing the Pro Bowl had to offer — the Skills Challenge — ended years ago.

Personally, I think it’s time to cancel the game entirely. But I’m sure the league makes money off of this meaningless game, so that’s not going to happen. Some of the guys there will now have a Pro Bowl appearance on their resume’ and they couldn’t be further from deserving it. It’s clouding the prestige that a Pro Bowl nod used to have and is getting to the point where saying “this player has x amount of Pro Bowls” is essentially meaningless.

I love football, and I love the NFL, but I could do without the Pro Bowl.

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