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Former NFL Coach Jon Gruden Says Terrelle Pryor Is A 'Rare Talent'

Jon Gruden is a former NFL coach who has found a new home on ESPN as a NFL analyst. Recently, Gruden has begun working with college quarterbacks leading up to the NFL Draft. Gruden’s sessions with the young quarterbacks have been aired on ESPN and he has a new episode coming up soon with former Ohio State signal-caller Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor has received a lot of criticism as of late for his immaturity and bad judgement that led to his departure from the Buckeyes. Pryor’s focus is now on the NFL’s supplemental draft.

Gruden took the time today at a golf event in Dayton, Ohio to discuss the young quarterbacks future. Many believe that Pryor will not succeed as a quarterback at the next level, but Gruden seems to have faith in the troubled athlete.

“You can’t be more impressed with the guy physically,” Gruden said.  “He’s all of six-foot-five, he’s 235 pounds.  He’s a double threat.  He’s one of those guys that can be a terror to defenses.  He’s got some work to do, fundamentally.  He knows that.  But he does have rare talent.

“I don’t really know the exactness of what happened at Ohio State.  But I do know that Pryor is disgusted and feels terrible about what has occurred.  At the same time, he just turned 22 years old on Monday.  He gotta move on with his life.”

Coming from Gruden’s mouth, the praise of Pryor holds a lot of credibility. It is nice to see the guy getting some positive press after the storm of negativity that has been surrounding him in the recent months. Whether or not Pryor will succeed at the next level has yet to be seen, but he does seem to have the respect of a knowledgeable former NFL coach.

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