DeAngelo Williams Is A Favorite To Land With Denver Broncos

It seems like only a matter of weeks before a Collective Bargaining Agreement will be reached and free agency will start.  With free agency looming, the dots are being connected and potential destinations for players are being discussed.

The latest rumor making waves is that Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams is a favorite to land with the Denver Broncos.

When asked by a fan if Williams could wind up in Denver, ESPN blogger Bill Williamson replied:

I think it all depends on the on the new CBA. If he is a free agent, I could see it happening. In fact, I’d say Denver would be a favorite to land him. New Denver coach John Fox loved Williams and they have a good relationship. Plus, Denver would like to get another running back to pair with Knowshon Moreno. Fox is a believer in running the ball first. So, he’d be very comfortable working with Williams again.

The Broncos have been searching for a compliment to Moreno and Williams just makes too much sense to pass up. If the Broncos choose an alternative in free agency, they run the risk of picking up a back with an ego who would not be willing to split carries.

Williams split carries with Jonathan Stewart in Carolina, so his ego would not be an issue. The only issue surrounding Williams is whether he can stay healthy. The 5-foot-9 back has missed a total of 10 games due to injury over the past two seasons.

Does it make sense for the Broncos to target DeAngelo Williams in free agency? Leave your thoughts known in the comments section.

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