Reggie Bush May Find a New Home With the Miami Dolphins

At one point, Reggie Bush had a Heisman Trophy to show for his accomplishments at the collegiate level. Those memories of Bush now appear as a distant memory as an underachieving running back the used to date Kim Kardashian with no home is the picture we have in our minds of Bush.

Bush will be looking for a new home once a new agreement is reached between the players and owners. Talks of Bush joining the Miami Dolphins has begun to pick up steam over the past few days and The Miami Herald‘s Israel Gutierrez elaborated on the thought.

Already there’s word circulating that the Miami Dolphins will be targeting speedy running backs to team with Daniel Thomas, the newly drafted rookie who is suddenly expected to carry quite a load assuming both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams end up in different uniforms.

The name that most draws the eye is Reggie Bush. The former No. 2 overall pick has apparently run his course in New Orleans, with a huge payday scheduled that the Saints would prefer avoid for essentially a third-down and return specialist.

And regardless of what the record says about Bush, regardless of what the statistics show and the critics say about his lack of toughness or desire to ever be a physical running back, there will always be a contingent that considers Bush an appealing option.

Bush seems like the perfect fit for what Miami will be looking for. His versatility and quickness would be a welcomed addition to the offense and he would add depth to the backfield. It isn’t often that you can lose two first round picks at the running back position and bring over a former number 2 overall selections to help you.

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