Madden NFL 12: Top 10 Rookies Ratings

Arizona Cardinals rookie corner Patrick Peterson receives the honor of being Madden NFL 12's top rated rookie.

A new wave of talent comes into the NFL each and every year.  As we wait to see how the rookies perform on the NFL field, we get a glimpse of ratings in the newest Madden games. Madden ratings are often controversial and never accurate when it comes to the rookies, but it always stirs up some quality discussion. Here are the top ten rookie ratings in Madden 12:

10. Robert Quinn – DE – Rams  - 78 OVR
9. Julio Jones – WR – Falcons – 78 OVR
8. Mark Ingram – RB – Saints – 79 OVR
7. Mike Pouncey – OL – Dolphins – 79 OVR
6. Von Miller – OLB – Broncos – 79 OVR
5. J.J. Watt – DE – Texans – 80 OVR
4. A.J. Green – WR – Bengals – 80 OVR
3. Prince Amukamara – CB – Giants – 81 OVR
2. Marcell Dareus – DE – Bills – 82 OVR
1. Patrick Peterson – CB – Cardinals – 82 OVR

The two things that immediately stand out are how low Von Miller, who was widely regarded as one of the top two talents in the draft class, is rated and how high Prince Amukamara is rated despite a draft day slide. Saints fans must be happy with the rating of Ingram, as he will add another weapon to the team’s offense in the game.

Did EA get the ratings right or did they drop the ball? We will have to wait and see how the players showcase their talent on the field.

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