ESPN Releasing an All Michael Vick Magazine

Okay, now I have seen it all. The preseason hype for the Philadelphia Eagles has been nauseating and ESPN has taken it to a whole new level. They are set to release an all Mike Vick issue of ESPN the Magazine. It will be the 2011 NFL Preview, but features multiple stories about Vick. Here is a release from ESPN on the magazine’s newest issue:

In the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine on newsstands Friday, August 26, fans will get up close and personal with Philadelphia Eagles’ starting QB, Michael Vick, as The Mag shares its first ever issue committed so exclusively to one athlete. Overall, the issue offers readers a 360 degree look at how Michael Vick explains the NFL and all its fault lines, full of startling revelations and original insight into his evolution as a QB, his time in prison, and the culture wars he has started in a four-chapter series: Welcome to the Revolution, The View From Within, Zero-Sum Game, and The Dog in the Room.

Is this really necessary? The simple answer is no. The Philadelphia Eagles are being turned in to the NFL’s version of the Miami Heat. Too much coverage for a team that has just been thrown together this offseason. There are unrealistic expectations for the Eagles and ESPN is using the buzz around the team to create more controversy and sell magazines.

Prepare yourself for some mind-numbing Vick coverage over the next few days on ESPN.

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