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How The Harbaugh Brothers Have Taken Over The NFL

As the season winds down and the teams dwindle, thoughts go to the Super Bowl and who may be there.

These thoughts have taken over most of my free time and I have finally come to a conclusion, there will be no “Clash of the Titans,” but there could be a clash of the Harbaugh’s.

These two men have changed the way grown men feel in the locker room.

The tears running down Vernon Davis’s face and the desire to please his coach are evident during this season and the playoffs. Ray Lewis has nothing but respect for his coach who has had some devastating losses, but has pulled the boys up by their boot straps and here they are today.

I know what you may think, no, the defenses have fought tooth and nail to get these boys where they are; and this would be true. Ray Lewis and company may be considered leaders of the Baltimore Ravens team but there is a man on the sidelines urging the men to greatness; that jumps for joy as if he is sacking the quarterback or scoring the touchdown. A man with emotion, John Harbaugh, has showed the nation that the Ravens still have it on both sides of the ball.

In a much foggier climate, his brother, Jim Harbaugh is proving to the non-believers that the San Francisco 49ers is a team to be reckoned with.

The glow in his eyes and the fire he has lit under his team is breath-taking. He has brought a team that was expected to break even to a play-off team wreaking havoc on the NFC. These men were raised by a coach who instilled the art of treating players like equals and the treatment of these players has shined through this season.

These men want to win, not for only themselves but for their coach. A man who has believed in them, with little doubt and has treated them like equals and cared for them like a father or brother is leading them to the Promised Land.

Oh, how disappointed those Ryan brothers must be now?

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