Baltimore Ravens Will Be Key Against New England Patriots

A few years with a good solid coach, stability in the coordinator positions, and a quarterback whose stock has grown over the last few seasons are reasons that Baltimore Ravens can succeed against New England. However, a key piece to this team is the veteran leadership that Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata bring to the locker room.

These key players are a force to be reckoned with alone, together they are nearly unstoppable.

Ray Lewis has been a member of the Baltimore Ravens since 1996. He has come through some hard times personally and professionally and has come out on top. Mr. Lewis, who is a mentor to his teammates and other NFL players, has proven a lasting fixture on this team and is ready to add a second ring to his collection. A man who has over 2000+ tackles already has a place in history and in the hearts of fans.

Ed Reed, also University of Miami alum, is a pivotal player on the Ravens roster. His ability to lure the quarterback into throwing him the ball has struck fear in many over the years.

The fact that Mr. Reed is holding the franchise record for career interceptions makes him just as lethal as any other player on this team and that memory of his undeniable.  His part in this defensive powerhouse is rocking the NFL is another reason not to count this team out.

Terrell Suggs, better known as T-Sizzle to fans, has recorded one of his best seasons in his career thus far. Recently he was named Pro Football Weekly Defensive Player of the Year; he is also the all-time sack leader for the Ravens. Offensive
coordinators scheme as much as they can to keep Mr. Suggs as unproductive as possible, especially if that keeps their quarterback off his back.

Haloti Ngata has stepped onto the scene earning his third pro bowl appearance has helped solidify this defense. His disruptiveness on the defensive line has made double teaming him a necessity. He is an out-right beast of a man who, just a few years ago bench pressed 495 pounds. Seriously, that is a scary number all by itself.

Picture this:  quarterback scrambling as Haloti Ngata collapses the pocket, attempting to keeping the ball out of Ed Reed’s hands, evading Ray Lewis’s tackle, and trying to avoid Terrell Suggs at all costs…

This is the picture Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be seeing this weekend. Do not count the Baltimore Ravens out.

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