NFL Draft 2012: Is Russell Wilson The Next Doug Flutie?

Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson will be discussed a lot in the coming weeks, especially this week with his involvement in the Under Armour Senior Bowl. Where will Wilson be drafted? Who does Wilson compare to? These are all questions that will surround the prospect, but do we have any answers?

Currently, Wilson is graded as a 5th or 6th-round pick, however, he has all of the ability to improve that grade. It would not be shocking to see Wilson drafted in the first three rounds if he makes the most of his offseason opportunities.

Now who does Wilson compare to as a prospect? Try this one on for size — Doug Flutie.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock made the comparison saying, “Wilson looks like Doug Flutie to me, he really does,” Mayock said. “He makes plays, he’s smart, he’s tough.”

That is not a comparison that has been brought up more often, but it is a brilliant one. Wilson will be a guy who can develop into an excellent backup that will be able to be a spot starter and keep your team on the winning track. That would be anything but a disappointing career.

If Wilson can come in and have a career that favorably compares to Flutie’s, you got yourself a gem. What team in the NFL wouldn’t want a player of that caliber? I’ll give you a hint: The answer is less than one.

Wilson now just has to put together an impressive draft season and continue to get attention and hype as the draft draws nearer. There is no doubt that Wilson will be one of the more intriguing prospects as we anticipate the player’s landing spots. Wherever he goes, don’t be surprised when he has that Flutie-like impact.

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