Jan. 1, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks fans cheer and hold a twelfth man flag prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Two Ways To Immediately Improve The Seattle Seahawks

The snow has fallen in Seattle, but somewhere the coaches are huddled up around those steaming cups of coffee, making decisions that will hopefully make Seattle a better team next year.

One position is blindingly clear, quarterback. Tavaris Jackson has had moments of greatness, but they are short lived and fleeting. A franchise quarterback is a must this year. One of the few quarterbacks that will be available in free agency is Matt Flynn — Green Bay.

I know what you may be thinking: Not another backup! But let’s be honest, a backup coming from Green Bay is a good, solid choice. He has been in a system that has groomed great quarterbacks. Look at the game against Detroit, he was put in and the offense ran like the well-oiled machine they are. There are other options in the draft the Seahawks could pick up, but I think a rookie backup in later rounds is the better choice.

Next, the free agent, Leroy Hill needs to be replaced. His flaws were evident throughout the season. I believe there are a few marquee players available in free agency, but the player from North Carolina — LB Zach Brown — would be a great first round draft pick. He has the agility and the skills to come in and take over the position immediately and make an impact. Brown’s value is worth the risk with pick 11.

These two changes could help increase the value of the Seattle Seahawks from the very first day. However, in order for Seattle to help themselves they need to start paying the men that have produced consistently over the last season. David Hawthorne has led the team in tackles and should be re-signed and youth should be added to help the position succeed. The Skittles’ kid, Marshawn Lynch, needs to see some money.

The 12th man expects to see him in “Beast Mode” this upcoming season. With Seattle, $20 million under the salary cap, it’s time to pay.

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