Dec 11, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) meets with owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Tony Romo Loves Jerry Jones' Passion

Jerry Jones a few weeks ago said that he thought the Cowboys’ window to win a Super Bowl was closing. Days later Tony Romo disagreed with Jerry Jones statement. One thing is for certain Jerry Jones’ wants to win. Sometimes Jones’ desperation to win leads him to make bad deals and free agent signings. But as of late the Cowboys seem committed to youth and they made good decisions in both free agency and the draft, at least now. With hindsight we might thing differently.

And Tony Romo knows Jones is passionate about the Cowboys and winning, and he appreciates it.

“As badly as I want to win, and I feel that sometimes it’s hard because I’m so competitive and you feel like you want to do anything possible to get there, I love Jerry for the simple fact that he has the same approach,” Romo said Wednesday night after throwing out the first pitch before the Rangers-Mariners game. “I don’t feel like every owner’s objective is 100 percent (to win). I think they all want to win, but Jerry is going to do whatever gives us the best chance to win right now, right at this moment. I love that.”

“As a quarterback, it’s all about right now. That’s all that you play for. What’s going to happen right now? This upcoming season is the most important season that we’ve ever had. That’s the approach that you take. Just like next season and last season was at that time. I just think it feels that way right now. You go out there and you have an owner that feels so passionately about winning and what it means. I’m fortunate to have him.”

Some would say the biggest problem of the Jones’ era of ownership is his role as GM of the Dallas Cowboys. However many are heralding his offseason acquisitions. He has a history of overpaying veterans exiting their primes, but this offseason he addressed one of, if not the biggest need for the Dallas Cowboys at cornerback. Jones signed Kansas City’s 26 year old Brandon Carr, a talented player who is entering his prime. Jones then moved up in the trade to draft the #1 overall defensive player, Morris Claiborne who also plays cornerback immediately turning what was a weakness into a strength.

“I love the passion he has,” Romo said of Jones. “That sense of urgency is absolutely there. That’s why I love having an owner like that who knows it’s about right now.

“To me, that makes it fun to know that our team is going to be better this year. And I really, firmly believe that we’re going to be an improved ballclub, and that’s exciting for me.”

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