Jets Plan On Handing Tim Tebow The Reigns Inside The Red Zone

Many were flabbergasted by the New York Jets’ acquisition of Tim Tebow this offseason when he was made available following the Denver Broncos signing of Peyton Manning. The interesting part of it was they large contract they had just signed with Sanchez that made creating a quarterback controversy so interesting.

Why when you sign you’re franchise quarterback to an extension why do you then acquire a very popular, but arguably fundamentally unsound, yet productive quarterback?

Well the New York Jets according to reports are planning on using him in red zone situations. They’ll send Tim Tebow in once the team gets within 20 yards of scoring to run a wild cat style offense, though it is more like the read-option he ran in Denver. Sanchez won’t be on the field and will be replaced by another blocker to assist the run game.

If I was Sanchez I’d be furious. Rob Riggle at the ESPY’s poked fun at Sanchez after Tebow followed him around on stage “saying he was shadowing him” and then found Sanchez in the crowd and said “good luck with that all season.”

So you’re telling Sanchez the only touchdown passes he’ll throw are from outside the 20 yard line? That Sanchez will get the unheralded and overlooked task of getting the Jets within scoring range and then Tebow comes in to steal the glory. It seems like a tag team in professional wrestling when he tags in after his teammates beaten down the opponent to try and seal the victory and tags out when it comes time for the dirty work.

And I’m not alone in this thought process, Jets’ wide receiver Santonio Holmes says he thinks a 2 quarterback system can’t succeed in the NFL.

“You have to allow one quarterback to get into the rhythm of a game and it starts from the preparation in practice,” Holmes said in an interview on the NFL Network. “(It’s) knowing the first couple of plays that he’s going to take these reps, it’s getting the feel for coming onto the field with the crowd awaiting you, it’s making the mistakes early in the game to finishing the games at the end.

“You don’t just change a guy out just because he has a few mistakes early into a game. Coming into this season, we have a lot to expect from Sanchez.”

It seems like the Jets have already set this up to be a disastrous season and are poised to feed the Tim Tebowmania machine. How long will Tebowmania stay quite when he’s scoring all these red zone touchdowns after Sanchez drives 60 yards down the field to get the team in that position.

Unless Sanchez has some zen like calmness and a regular meditation regiment followed by a whatever helps us win, I don’t see how this can succeed.

And what’s even more confusing is that the red zone offense was the strongest part of the Jet’s offense last season. Why would you change it then?

The Jets look doomed and training camp hasn’t even started yet.

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