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NFL Bringing Exciting New Features To Game Rewind & Fantasy Football

Today, the NFL provided an exclusive preview to some of the new features they will be rolling out this season with the NFL Game Rewind package and Fantasy Football. As a NFL fan, this is a very exciting time and it will bring out the football nerd in all of us.

First of all, we had previously been told there would be access to the All-22 film on the NFL Game Rewind package. While that news is exciting, what you will be able to do with the access is far more exhilarating. Fans will be able to pause the film and use unique telestration options on your tablet to annotate the plays.

After annotating the plays, you will be able to share the images via email or on Twitter. Needless to say, this will allow for some very in-depth film breakdowns around the web — including here on NFL Spin Zone.

The coaches film will be accessible every Wednesday after the games and will feature two angles — All-22 and high end zone. Not only will you have access to the 2012 coaches film, but there will also be an archive that includes the 2011 film. For those who don’t know the difference of the camera angles, here is an explanation:

The “All 22″ camera is positioned high above the NFL playing field and shows a view of the field that includes all 22 players at the same time. This All-22 camera view may be used to analyze all plays and players on any given play in a game.

The High End Zone camera is positioned on either side of a field, high above the goal posts and behind the end zone. This camera angle shows what the play looks like as game action is happening coming toward or going away from the end-zone camera.

The NFL Game Rewind package will be supported by iOS and android tablets, which will give you unprecedented access to NFL footage on the go. It is a very exciting time to be a NFL fan. Tablet access and the Game Rewind package will become acessible right before the start of the 2012 NFL season, with immediate access of the 2011 archives.

On the fantasy football side of things, the NFL announced they will be revamping their free product with over 50 new features.

One of the top new features is their revamped draft app, which will allow players to draft from their computer or tablet. You will also be able to switch back and forth, in case you need to make your draft pick on the run. NFL.com’s fantasy football platform will also feature exclusive and instant video highlights of your player’s scoring plays.

Another added bonus for fantasy players is the launch of “Roster Options,” which will be a pay to use function. Other than roster options, NFL.com’s fantasy football platform is free to use.

With roster options, you will be allowed to select back ups for that situation where your starter gets injured early in the game. At the end of the game, NFL.com will reevaluate the scores and credit you with the highest score out of your players. Of course, this is a function that must be agreed upon by league members.

There will also be the “Perfect Challenge,” which we got a taste of last offseason. You will be able to select a combination of eight players every week and, if you pick the highest scoring lineup, you will be eligible for a $1 million prize. There will be weekly and seasonal prizes.

As you can see, the NFL is continuing to innovate and expanding into the digital media market. These new features will make the game even more interactive and fun for us all.

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