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NFL Schedule Preview: Projected 2013 NFL Draft Order

Our extensive look at the NFL Schedule is nearly through. Having looked at all 32 teams and used our projections for those teams to put together a projected strength of schedule, this gives us the unique opportunity to come up with a 2013 draft order.

So how is a draft order put together? In the simplest terms, the teams who didn’t make the postseason are ranked from 1 to 20 by record. For teams that have equal records, these ties are broken by strength of schedule which is why we have a rather unique perspective on this. If two teams of equal record are tied, then the usual tiebreakers are used if they are in the same conference. If the tiebreakers cannot split the two teams or they are in opposite conferences, their draft positions are determined by coin-flip. Then we do the same for the teams in the playoffs ordered by how far they made it with the final two spots reserved for the Super Bowl Winner (32) and loser (31).

For this projection, there are two spots where a coin-flip is necessary: the 4th pick for the Cardinals (NFC West) and Browns (AFC North); and the 17th pick for the Chiefs (AFC West) and Redskins (NFC East). An important note here – Washington may have traded their first round pick to the Rams but it is the Redskins whose record and strength of schedule apply.

So here you go – NFL Spin Zone’s projected 2013 NFL draft order:

  • 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2. Minnesota Vikings
  • 3. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 4=Arizona Cardinals
  • 4=Cleveland Browns
  • 6. Miami Dolphins
  • 7. St Louis Rams
  • 8. Baltimore Ravens
  • 9. New York Giants
  • 10. Tennessee Titans
  • 11. Indianapolis Colts
  • 12. Seattle Seahawks
  • 13. Carolina Panthers
  • 14. Atlanta Falcons
  • 15. Oakland Raiders
  • 16. San Diego Chargers
  • 17=St Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)
  • 17=Kansas City Chiefs
  • 19. Dallas Cowboys
  • 20. Buffalo Bills
  • 21. Detroit Lions
  • 22. Denver Broncos
  • 23. New York Jets
  • 24. Green Bay Packers
  • 25. Cincinnati Bengals
  • 26. New Orleans Saints
  • 27. San Francisco 49ers
  • 28. New England Patriots
  • 29. Houston Texans
  • 30. Philadelphia Eagles
  • 31. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 32. Chicago Bears

There’s only one more thing to do now – since we have a draft order, how about a mock draft? Check back later today when NFL Spin Zone Senior Editor Josh Sanchez reveals his first mock draft for the new class.

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