The Spotter's View: Who is The Monday Night Spotter?


His name is Tony Granieri but more importantly, WHAT is a spotter?

Well…in the world of television, it basically amounts to an extra set of eyes and ears that serve to fill in the blanks of a broadcast. My job over the last decade has been to serve as the Talent Spotter for ESPN’s Monday Night Football show, working alongside the likes of Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico in the broadcast booth filling in the blanks as they come.

Sometimes it involves tracking specialty stats – like a QBs ability to pass vs. the blitz. Other times it might be alerting the guys when a certain defensive formation has been used. Basically, I’m the guy you never actually see but occasionally you’ll hear a random stat while watching Monday Night Football and think to yourself….”How do they know that?”

I’m how…….sometimes. Quietly filling in the blanks.

It’s been a unique experience that has allowed me to travel the country and get paid watching the NFL. It’s also been a Dream Job and I consider myself luckier than Tom Brady during the tuck-rule debacle. But writing is my thing. I used to write for way back in the day and I’ve had the desire to get back in the game as a scribe. After fooling around as a Guest Blogger and Featured Radio Host on a number of different outlets, I’m now turning my efforts towards FANSIDED’S NFL SPIN ZONE.

This is where you’ll find THE SPOTTER’S VIEW from the guy who is THE MONDAY NIGHT SPOTTER. As I travel the country for the upcoming 2012 NFL and NCAA football seasons, I’ll be your extra set of eyes and ears – your own personal Spotter – relaying stories, information and sharing my opinion from the road.

Face it…every sports loving male in America has wanted a job like this since ESPN first hit the airwaves back in 1979. And while I can’t give you that, I can give you my take from THE SPOTTER’S VIEW.


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