Sep 26, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Washington Redskins running back Tim Hightower (25) carries the ball during the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Fantasy Football Special Edition: Roster Cuts

Need help with preparing for your fantasy football league? The Fantasy Guru is here once again to give you a few tips on how to play the crazy game of fantasy football.

Yesterday’s roster cuts had a few surprises as they always do so here’s some quick advice about how the cuts affect fantasy rankings as we go into a big draft weekend. Just as a quick caution – most of this concerns deep leagues.

  • Tim Hightower, RB, Washington Redskins

This one developed pretty late as it came out that Hightower had reinjured his knee in the third preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts. What this means for the other Redskins backs is that there is extra carries for everybody but who exactly gets the lions share is a mystery. At least with Hightower you knew he’d be on the field constantly due to his blocking ability. If I had to guess I’d put my money on Evan Royster being the primary back with Roy Helu playing a Jamaal Charles type role but I think I’ll be staying away from Washington if I possibly can.

  • Anthony Armstrong, WR, Washington Redskins

For those speculating on the likes of Leonard Hankerson and Santana Moss you can breathe easier. The main note here is that the Dolphins were exploring a trade for Armstrong on the day so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him heading to South Beach fairly soon.

  • Jacob Hester, RB, San Diego Chargers

For Ryan Mathews owners scrambling for his cover, there’s now one less guy to consider. Strengthens the case for Ronnie Brown to get the majority of the carries. Another situation you should probably stay away from though.

  • Edwin Baker, RB, San Diego Chargers

And cross this guy off the Mathews replacement list too. Keep an eye on Baker though – should end up on the Chargers practice squad and may get signed back to the team at some point.

  • Nick Novak, K, San Diego Chargers

For all those who value kickers, take this as an indication that Nate Kaeding is healthy.

  • Mike Kafka, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

This one surprised a few people and it should considering that Trent Edwards made this team. General thinking says that rookie Nick Foles is now Michael Vick’s backup but if I were a betting man – and I am – I’d actually invest in Edwards given his experience. I’ll bet this too – one or both of the Eagles backups will see time on the field this season.

  • Marvin McNutt, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Just a quick note here – Jason Avant is now clearly Philly’s WR3 until Riley Cooper is healthy. Expect McNutt to make the practice squad.

  • Mardy Gilyard, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Further indication about Avant.

  • D.J. Ware, RB, New York Giants

Another surprising cut. I know what you’re thinking – this means David Wilson is worth owning now. Sorry to disappoint you but no – it mean’s that Da’Rel Scott is now likely to be the third down guy. Wilson will get some extra looks though.

  • Brian Hoyer, QB, New England Patriots

This move really only affects dynasty leagues. In those leagues, I would hold onto Hoyer for now and see where he ends up. What this does do is make Ryan Mallett, the man who is now Tom Brady’s sole backup, an interesting speculative add for deep dynasties.

  • Deion Branch, WR, New England Patriots

Remember how earlier this offseason the Patriots had a glut of veteran wideouts? Well they’re all gone now – and Brandon Lloyd is the last man standing. I’d bump Lloyd up my list a little but the presence of both Welker and the two TEs still concerns me a great deal.

  • Clyde Gates, WR, Miami Dolphins

If you were worried about Tannehill, be even more worried now. Gates wasn’t much but that Dolphins WR corps is pathetic. This just raises another red flag.

  • Roberto Wallace, WR, Miami Dolphins

As with Gates… and Wallace was someone they supposedly liked. Bizarre. Stay away from Miami.

  • Case Keenum, QB, Houston Texans

For those in deep dynasties, you can forget about Keenum for now. If you get beat for a roster spot by John Beck, you’ve got a lot of development left to make.

  • Dale Moss, WR, Green Bay Packers

Moss was a popular NFL draft sleeper and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him claimed on waivers by a WR needy team. The only other thing to note here is that if Moss does find his way on the Green Bay practice squad then the chances of James Jones being traded go up just a little.

  • Danny Coale, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Somewhat of a surprise but expected due to the injury he had in training camp. We’ll see him in a Cowboys jersey again. A small boost to Kevin Ogletree’s stock.

  • Lance Dunbar, RB, Dallas Cowboys

I was very surprised to see Dunbar get cut as he looked very good this preseason. Philip Tanner is now the obvious handcuff to DeMarco Murray and Murray himself gets a small boost as this may be an indication of confidence that his injury is well behind him.

  • Evan Moore, TE, Cleveland Browns

Feels like the Browns have missed the boat when it comes to Moore. He got a lot of opportunity but his upside is so high that I thought they’d hang onto him. Don’t drop him in dynasties just yet – I expect he’ll have a job by next week.

  • Dan Herron, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

Very unfortunate but not totally unexpected. He’ll get onto the practice squad. Boost Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard by a decent amount as head coach Marvin Lewis has indicated this is a committee and one less mouth to feed means more carries for the rest.

  • Seyi Ajirotutu, WR, Carolina Panthers

Seyi looked horrible in the preseason and the Panthers seem determined to give their young in-house drafted receivers as much time as possible. Brandon LaFell and Joe Adams both get a small boost but guessing which one gets the WR2 job is still difficult.

  • Marcus Easley, WR, Buffalo Bills

Looks like the rumors were true – Easley just hasn’t impressed in Buffalo and the coaching staff has had enough. He’ll get picked up by somebody though. The biggest takeaway here – now I REALLY like T.J. Graham.

  • Ruvell Martin, Derek Hagan, Naaman Roosevelt – WRs, Buffalo Bills

Bump up that T.J. Graham love a whole lot more.

  • Curtis Painter, QB, Baltimore Ravens

To all the Joe Flacco haters, Tyrod Taylor is the backup you want. You shouldn’t have invested in Painter anyway – he’s awful.


That’s it for another week. If you’re going into a draft and want some quick advice, my twitter handle is @chrissmithsz and as always there’ll be the Fantasy Mailbag out again next Friday and you can send you questions to that by emailing [email protected]

Until next week, this is the Fantasy Guru signing off.

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