July 27, 2012; Metairie, LA, USA; A sign of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton who was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is seen following training camp practice at the team

League Memo Suggests Bountygate Suspensions Will Be Re-Issued

On Friday afternoon, players who were suspended as part of the fallout from the New Orleans Saints bounty investigation received a huge personal victory. But while the players were reinstated by the league and are currently eligible to play in game one, it could be short lived joy for the players.

The NFL sent out an internal memo to teams Friday night which gave every indication that the league will once pursue the same suspensions which were just lifted. NFL general counsel Jeff Pash made it very clear that the league still felt the suspended players participated in wrongdoing and that they must be held accountable.

Here is a copy of the memo sent out to teams by Pash:

“Nothing in today’s decision contradicts any of the facts found in the investigation into this matter, or absolves any player of responsibility for conduct detrimental. Nor does the decision in any way suggest what discipline would be appropriate for conduct that lies within the authority of the Commissioner.  Per the panel’s direction, the Commissioner will promptly reconsider the matter and make a determination of the appropriate discipline consistent with the standards set forth in today’s decision.  All clubs will be advised when that decision is made.”

As it looks now, Goodell will take week one to gather all the information he needs to once again suspend the select players for an incredibly unfair amount of time. It was a big win for the players early Friday but it will likely only be temporary. Dictator Goodell is ready to flex his muscles again.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/GizzyDJ Chris Smith

    Incredibly unfair amount of time??? Gimme a break!!! The players involved were suspended with good reason – a point that has not been lost on the court system as they could not find ANY flaw in the Commissioner’s decision making process apart from the fact that he failed to classify the suspensions correctly. So all that Goodell has to do is reclassify the suspensions and then the players find themselves out once again. This isn’t a victory – it’s a legal technicality.

    One note – if anyone thinks that Goodell will reduce the sentences of these players in some kind of mercy act, you are sadly mistaken. Why? Because this would be a sign of weakness which would completely undermine the entire point of this action which is to take an abhorrent practice and take the appropriate measures to eliminate it. It’s already been in the rules as being illegal for a long time but those rules were just not enforced – much like the rules in baseball regarding catchers blocking home plate which, believe it or not, is illegal also. At least Goodell has the balls to do what is right – unlike Bud Selig.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rodney-Guidry/100002681142018 Rodney Guidry

    The truth is coming out. Goodell needs to be humbled and the Lord Jesus is just the one to do it. Bite your pride Goodell and admit you were wrong. Every common sense person knows pay for good plays was a league wide thing. Changing the name to bounty to make it look worse than it actually is, will not work for the intelligent fan. Only the stupid ones believe you.