Sep 5, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Lawrence Vickers (47) prior to the game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Is Lawrence Vickers a Leader for Dallas?

Many championed the signing of fullback Lawrence Vickers to the Dallas Cowboys in the offseason. He is a veteran leader who helped Texans’ running back Arian Foster to a career year in Houston last season and many were hoping he could help running back DeMarco Murray have a similar season in Dallas. Vickers was equally excited to be in Dallas as evident in many interviews he did in the offseason.

And now with the Ravens on the horizon, Vickers is in the Cowboys’ spotlight again. He has a history with the Ravens having faced them numerous times while with the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans, 12 times in fact. He knows what the Ravens are about and wants to make it clear that he is not intimidated.

“Let me tell you something, I played them two times a year every year I’ve been in the NFL, right?” Vickers said according to ESPN Dallas. “And I’m still here standing. Still mean. Still stiff. They’re going to have to jump me, man. You feel me? They’re going to have to jump me, that’s the way it’s going to be.”

“If you go back watching things, they’re out there jumping me because I’m coming with it. And they know I’m coming with it, just like I know they’re coming with it. Let’s meet in the lines. That’s just how it goes.”

So is this the talk of a confident leader, or trash talk that makes it to the opposing teams’ bulletin board because the line is thin? Ray Lewis was asked about it  in a conference call and responded.

“I tell you what, they can look to do whatever they want to do, but it ain’t going to be what they think it’s going to be,” Lewis said.

Vickers was ready to respond eager to have the last word.

“Names don’t scare me, man,” Vickers said. “Teams don’t scare me, man. I’m a man before anything, so I’ll just let other men just talk. You see me in between them lines. That’s how I get it done, like that.”

Vickers however hasn’t been to incredibly successful against the Ravens with a 2-10 record. Last January he helped Arian Foster get to 132 yards despite losing to the Ravens.

So leadership or trash talk?

A little of both I think. Sometimes you need to be confident, and confidence rubs off on those teammates around you. Being fired up, fires up those around you. Maybe Vickers is going to begin to emerge as the vocal leader Dallas has been hoping for.

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