Topps Releases New Fantasy Football App "HUDDLE"

Topps is known mainly for it’s baseball card history, however in keeping with the times Topps has turned it’s focus towards the iPhone and iPad app store. Previously they had released a baseball themed app called “BUNT” and following a similar mold they have released an app called “HUDDLE” and is officially licensed by the NFL Players Association.

“For more than 60 years, Topps has been committed to connecting fans with their favorite athletes. With the release of Topps HUDDLE, we are building on this legacy and extending this iconic brand even deeper into the casual, social, and mobile space,” said Michael Bramlage, Vice President at The Topps Company, Inc. “It is very exciting to be partnering with the NFLPA to connect new, digital-first fans with their favorite football players.”

The app itself is a different and unique spin on the fantasy football genre. You initially get a pack of digital cards and thats your team. The pack includes 11 players, 7 of which you would start for the weekend’s games. Your team isn’t limited to filling certain positional roles like most fantasy leagues instead you could comprise a team entirely of punters if you preferred.

But the improvements on the fantasy football genre doesn’t end there. Topps lists three features unique to HUDDLE:

  • Real-Time Roster Optimization: Did your QB just get injured? Move NFL players in and out of your starting lineup in real-time—during games—to maximize your points.
  • Expanded News Feed: What’s your QB saying on Twitter? Get the latest NFL news with more editorial coverage, Twitter feeds, and “shout outs” from fellow fans.
  • Multi-Zone Leaderboard: Have fantasy league fatigue? Compete against your Facebook friends and all other app users to crown football’s greatest fan.

But the uniqueness of HUDDLE doesn’t end there. Don’t like a play on your team? Trade the card, just as you would do when you were a child. You aren’t limited to the participants in your league like in other fantasy football you can trade with anyone across the world in the app.

“Topps Digital is focused on bringing a unique and invigorating news experience to our users” said Chris Vaccaro, sports editor for Topps. “Our news feed is front and center in the app, offering daily commentary and analysis of both NFL happenings and HUDDLE specific news and information to bolster the fantasy user experience while keeping everyone informed.”

You can also link your HUDDLE team to your social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter (you can also follow HUDDLE on Twitter @ToppsHUDDLE). By connecting to your social media you can engage and see where you stack up on a leaderboard comprised of your friends and followers.

“We’re confident fans will enjoy this creative mobile and social experience,” said Nicole Pozzi, Senior Manager of Multimedia Licensing for NFL PLAYERS.  “Topps continues to find new and exciting ways of showcasing our players while providing innovative engagement opportunities for fans wherever and whenever they want.”

The newsfeed is really what makes this stand out from other fantasy football. Many leagues require participants to research their teams and players on their own. The newsfeed brings all that information to you. In the newsfeed you can find information about your favorite players, who to sit or start but also the lighter side of the sport. You can see what your favorite players are tweeting or video recaps of plays but also the good natured trash talking that exists among sports fans. In HUDDLE you can “shout” on the newsfeed and send a message out for everyone to see, whether its asking for a trade, boasting about your team, or crying about your suffering.

The app is free to purchase from iTunes.

Screenshots of the app are included below from


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