October 7, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) and tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) stand on the field against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

You Heard It Here First: Atlanta Falcons Are A “Weak” 6-0

Oct 14, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons outside linebacker Sean Weatherspoon (56) motions to fans after the game at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons defeated the Raiders 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE

This is You Heard It Here First – where thinking outside the box and predicting the future is a social pastime.

One of the biggest surprises in the NFL this season has been the relative parity throughout the league. There has been a prominent lack of those dominating teams that have stepped up and taken the league by storm. Week after week we have found our preconceptions about “strong” teams destroyed as team like the 49ers, Texans and Giants have looked very good and then had a week where they have looked completely flat.

That brings me to the perfect 6-0 Atlanta Falcons – the biggest frauds in the NFL today.

Yes, I know that is strong language but when it comes to this team I think it is fair. This team may be undefeated but they do not deserve to be by any means. In their six games so far, they have only truly been convincing winners in two of those games – week 1 in which they tore apart that woeful Kansas City secondary for a 40-24 victory and the demolishing in week 3 of the San Diego Chargers in which Philip Rivers was at his very worst, Ryan Mathews was just returning from injury and Matt Ryan started to make us believe he was a genuine MVP candidate.

Ok, that’s two out of six wins. What about the other four?

First off, the week 2 win against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Yeah it was obvious that Peyton wasn’t quite on his game as he threw for three interceptions in the first quarter. The Falcons should have finished that quarter better than 10-0 up though. The most telling part of this game was that Matt Ryan had several opportunities to take the game by the throat and put it beyond doubt but in this he failed. 10-0 became 20-0 before Peyton Manning threw a late TD to make it 20-7 at half time. From there on the Falcons scored just once more and allowed Manning to regain his composure and bring Denver to the brink of victory with a stirring fourth quarter comeback that fell just short. Atlanta won – because Peyton Manning ran out of time. They should have romped home easily.

If the first three weeks were the high point, the following three weeks were barely passable. Week 4 and Atlanta just barely got past a Carolina Panthers team that hadn’t looked good to that point and hasn’t looked as good since. The dreadful offensive line got completely overwhelmed in this game as Matt Ryan was sacked seven times. Throughout this game, Atlanta put up points but continued to be outplayed as a whole and doing just enough to get by. It finally got to the point where the gave up a ten point lead as Carolina went up by 1. Then the stars aligned as Cam Newton fumbled a ball which forced a punt, Matt Ryan hit Roddy White for a 59 yard reception and Mat Bryant kicked the game winning field goal with only 5 seconds remaining. Atlanta deserved to lose but somehow they squeaked out a W.

If that win was lucky, their next was plain disturbing. The Washington Redskins should have been a chance for Atlanta to re-establish their dominant passing attack as the Redskins can’t cover anybody this season. Matt Ryan did have a very good game in the end and when he needed to he marched his team down the field late to secure a victory and he finished with 345 yards through the air. What disturbs me about this game was that once again Atlanta seemed to go to sleep partway through the game and they let Washington challenge them. The defining moment was when Robert Griffin III was knocked out of the game with a concussion due to a questionable late hit. Despite RG3′s departure, Washington still came within a whisker of winning thanks to a ridiculous 77 yard touchdown pass from rookie QB Kirk Cousins to veteran WR Santana Moss. Matt Ryan led the team to the point where they could get the points to win but it should never have been close and if RG3 had stayed on the field this game could have been lost very easily.

Finally we get to perhaps the worst win of all – week 6 against the Oakland Raiders. Carson Palmer seemed to dominate the Falcons defense for most of this game as he kept connecting despite Darren McFadden’s relative ineffectiveness on the ground. Oakland was actually looking comfortable for most of the first half and went into the break 13-7 up. For all that Palmer was great in the first half, Matt Ryan was terrible, giving up three early interceptions to a team that didn’t have a single pick until this game. On the day, he couldn’t get over 250 yards passing. Atlanta tightened things up with a pair of field goals in the third to tie it up but didn’t look like winning. The turning point came in the fourth as Asante Samuel returned a pick 79 yards for a touchdown. The Raiders did reply with a TD of their own but it was this play that got Atlanta playing hard again and they woke up long enough to get Mat Bryant in range for a 55 yard field goal that he nailed with 2 seconds to go. Atlanta had won again – just.

Looking at how Atlanta have played to date, they may be 6-0 but they could just as easily be 2-4. Granted, they have won the games and granted that in the end it is their record that is reflected in the overall standings. I just do not expect this to continue for the rest of this season. Looking back, Atlanta should have played so much better to this point. Don’t believe me? How about we see what ESPN’s Adam Schefter has for us:

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/261277268536594432"]

There have been some relatively poor teams that Atlanta has faced so far. It gets much tougher from here though. The rest of the NFC East awaits in the second half as well as stronger division rivals twice each in the Saints and Buccaneers. Throw in the Detroit Lions and surprisingly tough Arizona Cardinals and this makes for a difficult stretch to finish up. Add to this that they spend all season with a home game followed by a road game and then back again and you have some very tough times ahead.

Before the season, I predicted the Falcons would go 6-10 and even with their perfect start I am still worried that this team is not legit. Call me crazy but I’m predicting they go no better than 10-6 and may only go 8-8. This Atlanta team may have won a number of games so far but that is all about to change – starting with a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and the returning Michael Vick this weekend.

The Atlanta Falcons are 6-0 but they are far from perfect – I call them weak. Should Atlanta indeed struggle the rest of this season, I will not be surprised and now you won’t be either because You Heard It Here First.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.davis.10 Edward Davis

    How is it that the Giants come back to beat the Redskins and Eli is the comeback king, but The Falcons comeback on the same team, knocking RG out along the way and they’re frauds? RG had put up ZERO points when he left the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.davis.10 Edward Davis

    How is it that the Giants come back to beat the Redskins and Eli is the comeback king, but The Falcons comeback on the same team, knocking RG out along the way and they’re frauds? RG had put up ZERO points when he left the game.

  • SB

    Hey nice prediction on the 6-10 record dumbass:

    Week 1 at Kansas City Chiefs – WinWeek 2 vs Denver Broncos – WinWeek 3 at San Diego Chargers – LossWeek 4 vs Carolina Panthers – LossWeek 5 at Washington Redskins – LossWeek 6 vs Oakland Raiders – Loss

  • bigduece69

    Undefeated is undefeated, no matter how you try to spin it.

  • Falcons_in_da_house

    Who let you write this type of article? I think whole NFL is fraud because their favorites are not doing well….

  • SB

    According to your predictions the Falcons should be 2-4 right now. Looks like the biggest FRAUD is YOU.

  • Falcon4eva

    The falcons are 6-0. The record doesn’t lie. It is what it is, dummy.

  • Mike

    So the defense forced turnovers against Manning.. And you discredit that win because Denver turned the ball over so much? They’ve done everything they’ve had to do and are 6-0. Last time I checked a win is a win. The Giants dominate in the fourth quarter and get called clutch. The Falcons dominate the fourth and they’re lucky. And you, Mr. Smith, are a complete dumbass from every article I’ve read of yours. Don’t be surprised next time someone calls you a dumbass, because you heard it here first.

  • Eric

    Phillip rivers was at his worst ? The falcons defense handed his ass to him just like the broncos did . The falcons did the same thing to mr manning . Questionable late hit on rg3 you’re fucking smoking something . Rg3 did nothing in that game against the falcons . Obviously you don’t watch any football . Falcons are UNDEFEATED for a reason . Best team in the Nfl. Bank on it .

    • H.B.

      He’s a Redskins fan, that’s why it was “questionable.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003094497476 Rebecca Griffin

      questionable hit… Chris Smith, you show your true colors and have no credibility. Good day to you.

  • TheGuyWhoIsBangingYourMom

    A “questionable late hit”? You might want to learn the rules of the game before you vomit more nonsense out onto the blogosphere, you fraud.

  • FraudKiller

    Obvious troll article. The games were won fair and square. 3 home, and 3 road…how are they not deserving of their 6-0 record. GTFOH!

  • Fuck this Article

    Wow, you expect people to take you serious when you predicted a team that has never had a losing record under Mike Smith to go 6-10 after improving a team that went 10-6? Like has already been stated, you are the fraud.

  • just another guy

    so what happens if the falcons win this next game are you going to STFU or keep looking for excuses to not believe in them

  • Scrooge McFalcon

    WTF is this, this isn’t college I’ll tell you that. Who the F cares if you don’t blow teams out. Coming back and winning the way the Falcons has is proof enough they are a great team. I won’t say the best but as of now yes they are…

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  • Thomas

    If you are wrong, I hope you are man enough to post a new article about how to prepare your crow.

  • jay wright

    We will never get respect until we get a super bowl. And that’s the truth.

  • UnfrozenCavemanGamer

    HAHAHAHAHA This guy is a Redskins fan… that is why he is bitter… I thought that journalists were supposed to be unbiased. I love seeing fans of teams the Falcons beat desperate to find a way to discredit them. I feed on your tears losers.

    • Falcons4Life

      Referring to this guy as a journalist is a tremendous insult to those in the profession.

  • Spencer

    HOLY SHIT you’re dumb. Since you’re so stuck on parity in the NFL, why don’t we discuss schedule parity. Scheduling is no random crap-shoot. The Saints won the division and face SF and GB because of their success. The Falcons finished 2nd and face ARI and DET instead. SCHEDULES ARE BUILT IN PARITY! It’s not coincidence. There are only 11 winning teams in the NFL, currently. There were only 8 before the Falcons entered their BYE. Is it really fair to say ANYONE, pre week 6, has faced a TOUGH schedule? I hope the Falcons continue to shove your foot deeper into your mouth until you choke.

  • Rajhae Battle

    lets see: Giants lost to Philly,Dallas & beat the Redskins in the same fashion as the Falcons & by less points. GB lost to Indy,SF lost to Minn,(who lost to Indy) & got blown out by NY. Houston beat the Jets on a defensive stop, & got blown out by GB, Ravens have 2 losses & beat woeful (your words)KC 9-6, NE has 3 losses, including 1 to 3 loss Ari. taken into OT by the Jets The Saints (who you said were tougher divisional opponents) loss to that Carolina team that the Falcons were lucky to beat. The Steelers loss to that Oakland team that the Falcons were lucky to beat. Denver came back from a 24 point SD lead, so 20-7 should have been a walk in the park. Chi. beat a Lion’s team that turned it over 3 times in the redzone 13-7, please tell me what team do you believe is FOR REAL??? You can have your opinion, however hypocrisy makes you look….. (you guessed it) fraudulent.

  • http://www.scardraft.com/ Scott Carasik

    What a complete lack of journalistic integrity here.

  • Steve

    So you call this NFL SpinZone? I got a better name for it ~ the NFL MoronZone. Your attempt to put down the Falcons because they’re the ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM in the NFL is about as ignorant and fatuous as I’ve ever read, even for a completely biased, pathetic, podunk, backwater ClownShoe blog article. Go back to picking your nose and drooling on your shirt, because you wouldn’t make a wart on a real sports analyst’s ass.

  • Bane

    Don’t deserve to be 6-0? They won the games moron. And the whole “Peyton ran out of time excuse is weak. He knows how long the game is and the falcons went über-conservative in the 2nd half…Matt Ryan only threw 2 passes in 4th quarter. Blatant hater article. U mad bro?

  • Ha

    Your mom is a man

  • http://twitter.com/WesFromTheATL Wes

    When did Fansided become B/R?

  • Falcons4Life

    “The defining moment was when Robert Griffin III was knocked out of the game with a concussion due to a questionable late hit.”

    This statement alone confirms that you are either a) entirely clueless about the NFL since everyone who does know the sport said it was a legal, clean play or b) A Falcons’ hater.

    You’re not “worried that this team is not legit,” but instead hoping for it.

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  • Iowahorse

    And somebody pays this wad-swapping toolbag to write about football? Seriously, I’ll do the job cheaper, better, less-biased and more balanced than this twat ever could.

  • Rick D,

    First off, thanks for forcing me to offer my ‘free opinion’ at the expense of enabling cookies. My data is worth something, and I had to go change into my “85 year old Packer’s fan” cookie profile. so..there. You get stale cookies.

    Second, you must obviously be one of those ‘east coast’ media snobs (Philly win? Do tell…) everyone talks about. When anything is discussed (typically, only by the above named mouthpieces) about how gosh darn awful the Atlanta_____ (Falcons, Hawks, fans, Dr. Pepper Fountain Drinks, etc) we collectively roll our eyes and cheer on our teams.

    Thirdly, you remind me of the pre-Super Bowl VI critics of one Dallas Cowboys. Remember the team that could not win it all? (Were you even BORN then, sonny?) Blah Blah..for years, how terrible and boorish that team was, Staubach didn’t have enough class to win, Landry was a rube in a fedora, etc.

    Um, that same team that they soon started calling (much to the chagrin of East Coast “Sports commentators” like you” America’s Team.

    Good teams win big. Great teams find a way to fight back and win. Slice it any way you want, but RG3, Newton and a Manning led offenses are not ‘roll over’ teams. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Atlanta will be in the game long after your team has to start planning their draft for next year.

    Rise up, yankee boy. Spew yer chew. Soon, it’s going to come back and demand swallowing. *shakes head* “oh ye of little faith”

  • Happynhigh

    Your Ann idiot. Please let me know when your company is hiring people who actually know the game. Everyone has a blog these days. Late hit? Lol sucker!

  • I didn’t do it

    I’m a die hard Falcons fan. Born and bred ATL style. Chris Smith you are the fraud but I do agree we are a weak 6-0 and only time will tell. Come on dirty birds make Smith eat his words.

  • Statistics

    “Falcons opponents have a combined record of 13-24 so far giving them the leagues easiest schedule through the first 7 weeks.” You DO realize that 6 of those losses come from us right? The more you win, the more combined losses your opponents will have. You have to love statistics.

  • Bane

    And in another note, when spoon put a completely legal hit on rg3, he only had 95 yards, zero pts and was 0% on third downs

  • THATdude

    completely agree , think the falcons will go 11-5 but maybe 10-6 .. Bucs and Saints about to beat them & they have to beat Vick , Stafford & an solid Cardinals team ? there streak is over soon

    WEAKEST 6-0 team of all time

    • Stephen A’s Hypocrisy

      In case you didn’t know, both the Bucs and the Saints suck. It’s that simple. Vick has the most turnovers in the NFL, so it’s not that hard to beat him. Stafford is having an awful year and can’t find Megatron, plus Detroit has no running game. The Cardinals have finally collapsed. Their QB play is back to the usual trash it was, and almost every RB on their roster is on the IR. Nice try, buddy, but you know nothing about football. I can tell you’ve been reading the shit on this site for far too long.

  • Thunder965

    Chris Smith…You’re an idiot

  • Tim

    This article is ridiculous. The Falcons have found a way to win every game that they have played in. How many times do teams lose games that they are “supposed” to win based on numbers? the falcons have two new coordinators so of course there will be a learning curve. to say they have not faced the elite of the league is one thing but to call them a fraud is ridiculous.

  • CantStandStupidity

    someone please take this idiotic bull off the net, you sir are an obvious hater… next…

  • LoveIt

    30-17, 7-0, keep calling us a fluke. bahahahaha

  • Joseph

    It’s amusing when people unknowledgeable about a sport attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate writers about said sport.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003094497476 Rebecca Griffin

    Once again the Falcons prove that they are a winning team today. Are you convinced now?

  • Falcon Josh

    You’re a bitch!

  • bmart

    Dont you feel like a dumbass!!! Falcons stomped the Eagles