Gate F, Social Media App Connecting Sports Fans

Amongst all the social media websites and apps that have come out over the years we have yet to see one that caters specifically to the sports fan, and allows the fan to communicate with other fans in real time, until now, enter Gate F.

The people at Gate F have created an app that allows sports fans and friends to interact with each other. You can check into games on the app and in real time chat with friends and fans watching the same game from all cross the country.

Best part about the app? It’s free.

You can also check in at your favorite local pub or sports bar, even add your “Man-Cave” to the list of places you watch games from. So as you and your buddies follow your career’s across the country, you can all chat and interact with each other as if you were still watching the games together.

But the app itself allows you to do more than just chat with fans and friends you also get rewarded for your participation in the app. Those rewards you accumulate lead to real life prizes all sports fans want such as ticket discounts, drink/food/apparel discounts at Gate F’s partnership venues.

My favorite prize by far is the free pair of tickets to your favorite team’s games. I was privileged enough to be a beta tester for the app and test it as they developed it. That’s the prize I strive towards and am saving my reward points for.

In addition to the interactive nature of the app, it also keeps you up to date on the latest news from all the teams you care about from all the leagues.

I’ve enjoyed the app and thoroughly enjoyed playing on it and can’t wait to see the community of users expand. There is also a mobile website you can visit in conjunction with the app that will help you download it.

The app itself is not scheduled to be formally released until January 12th but you can visit the iTunes store and download it now. Also make sure to visit their Facebook page and like it as well.


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