New York Jets: "The Situation" in New Jersey not named Mike

**Disclaimer: This article is not about Tim Tebow, the player, this article for which you’re about to read, is solely about the New York Jets’ revealed plans regarding said player. I find Tim Tebow, the player, to be a great person, as he was my favorite Gator to watch in my childhood. This article is solely regarding my disagreement with the Jets’ recent decision to try and force a trade with another team, for Tim Tebow.”**

Jets' QB Tim Tebow (#15) observes the game while standing next to Jets HC Rex Ryan on the sidelines.


A little while ago, our fellow writer Josh “Not Named Mark” Sanchez has revealed the statement where the New York Jets will not cut Tim Tebow at least before March 12. Instead, they will instead try to hold onto the former Heisman winner, in hopes of trading him to a team absolutely desperate in landing a QB. As per the article and originally from Adam Schefter of ESPN:

The first day the Jets would be able to trade Tebow would be Tuesday, March 12, and they want to see if there’s any other team out there willing to surrender a mid- to late-round draft pick for the quarterback who helped the Denver Broncos win a playoff game last season.

Okay, either I’m a humble hermit living under a rock, or this sounds like an absolutely horrible idea.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Jets and other Football fans alike, forgive me, but looks like we’ve got ourselves a situation.

First of all, why in the world would you announce to the entire NFL that you’re trying to trade a QB who you spent a 4th and a 6th round pick on last year, after a season where he won the AFC West as the starting QB of the Denver Broncos, and now expect to get anything from him after a season where he wasn’t even a starter over Greg McElroy, and participated in a grand total of 75 snaps from scrimmage, for the entire season? Excuse me? Should we really expect anyone to cough up a draft pick, when a) the entire NFL could and probably will call this a bluff and b) he performed so poorly and was managed to an even lower standard, that he’s almost worthless in a trade. He’s probably not going to be playing QB anywhere outside of the state of New Jersey, unless either the CFL or UFL, maybe the Arena League, want to boost their popularity. Plus, there’s already enough drama regarding people in the Jets stating that they didn’t even want Tim Tebow, that then boss-man GM Mike Tannenbaum forced the trade onto them.

Which leads me to our next topic, the drama. Put on your couch coach hats on, and ponder about this for a minute: If you were the new GM or HC of any team in the NFL, would you really want to put up with such a polarizing subject, to a point it causes internal fighting among the fan-base and organization itself? No? Didn’t think so. Every single NFL fan has seen what happened all season with the New York Jets, as it was either “Tim Tebow This” or “Tim Tebow That” or “It’s Tebow Time!” (Skip Bayless style), basically, a gigantic battle of Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow vs. Greg McElroy at one point. When I first saw the trade announced while in boot camp with the Navy, I thought it was nothing more than a move that was to push Mark Sanchez to play better, maybe even compete with him for playing time. It wasn’t even that, all it ever turned out to be, was a huge public relations and football disaster. Whenever you trade for a QB who was a starter the prior season, while you have your own starting QB from the same season, which both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow were prior to the trade, all that does is tell your guy, in this case Mark Sanchez, that you have little or no confidence in him.

Which brings us to this point in the argument. Being a Bears fan myself, I know all too well what could happen whenever a franchise decides to trade for another QB, while a starting QB is already in place. And my major example, the Jay Cutler trade of 2009 which brought Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Prior to the actual trade, then new Broncos HC Josh McDaniels secretly tried to trade for then Patriots QB Matt Cassel, and failed miserably. What’s worse, is not only did he fail to land Matt Cassel, who instead went to the Kansas City Chiefs, but he also didn’t tell Jay Cutler about it. In return, he single handedly pissed Jay Cutler OFF, and from that point forward, would eventually result in Jay Cutler requesting for and being granted a trade, to the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler requested the trade, because he felt absolutely disrespected and betrayed by the Denver Broncos, following a season where he went to the Pro Bowl after leading the AFC in passing yards. If there’s one golden rule in the NFL, is that you are forbidden to trade for a starting QB, unless you have little or no intentions in keeping your current guy as the starter. Yes, I’m well aware that Mark Sanchez remained as the starter, and that Tim Tebow was intentionally replaced by Peyton Manning, but this trade was an indictment on Sanchez’s overall play, and not once did I ever hear Mark Sanchez being overly delighted with the looming shadow that was Tim Tebow. I don’t care who you are, or how bad the QB was, you absolutely never, ever, trade for another QB, while you have a healthy starting QB on your team. It’s bad business, and bad for the NFL.

At this point, I will be absolutely stunned if any team in the NFL remotely considers sending any draft picks for a guy who didn’t even start a single game this entire past season. I do understand if this post comes off rather strong, but this logic makes absolutely no sense to me, at all. The Jets don’t want him as their QB, they don’t even want him on their team. So, why would anybody else in the NFL want him on their team, outside of the small possibility in signing him as a back-up off from Free Agency? Again, Tim Tebow is a great man in general, and I really wish him nothing but the best in his career, and this article is not about him per-say nearly as much as it is about the New York Jets and this…”plan” of theirs. I don’t know about any of you guys reading this article, but I find very little wisdom in this rather noticeable amount of wishful thinking. I ask for the New York Jets to do the right thing, and cut the guy. He deserves an opportunity to play elsewhere in the NFL, not to be used as a bartering tool in an effort to gain draft picks.


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