Dec 13, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) on the sidelines during game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Lincoln Financial Field. The Bengals defeated the Eagles 34-13. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly Wooing Michael Vick To Stay In Philadelphia?

There has been all sorts of speculation this offseason regarding the future of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick with the vast majority of opinions insisting that Vick would not remain with the Eagles and may indeed fail to find a landing spot anywhere much like predecessor Donovan McNabb. One opinion out there has disputed the possibility of Vick leaving Philly – ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. Speaking on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike In The Morning on Thursday, SalPal gave a very succinct view on the situation with the main thrust being that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is personally trying to convince Vick to stay.

“Vick has had several one-on-one meetings with Chip Kelly.””Kelly is the master recruiter out of college. He is trying to recruit the good graces of Michael Vick right now, convince him ‘Hang around with us, I’m your best option’. For Vick and agent Joe Seagal, they’ve got to say ‘Alright, if the Eagles are the best option, what do they possibly do money-wise?””It’s a very complicated situation but it goes back to this – if you’re the Eagles, why do you invest any time or any money in a quarterback who is not your future?”

It’s no secret that any team that takes on Vick in 2013 will have issues signing him given the high salary he commanded recently with Philly. Arizona head coach Bruce Arians has already made it clear he will not take on Vick and Sal Pal indicated Merrone in Buffalo wouldn’t take him either. A reunion with Andy Reid in Kansas City is unlikely according to various reports. Given their recent bad experience with former OC Tony Sparano and quarterback Tim Tebow it is also unlikely the Jets would take on Vick. Finally, I would also rule out Oakland given that they are looking to cut costs and may be jettisoning Carson Palmer in the coming months. Let’s take stock – Michael Vick is aging, his skills are in decline, he has shown himself to be injury prone in recent years and is owed a whopping $15.5 million. All that tells us one thing – either Vick accepts a deal where he takes a big paycut or he likely walks away from the game in much the same way as the aforementioned McNabb. In terms of motivation for Vick, Paolantonio raised several salient points.

“Michael Vick just bought a house here in South Jersey, he just got married to a woman who has a nice little business in Philadelphia, he’s got some children here and has put down roots.”

When it comes down to how Vick and other players in similar situations make these kind of decisions, often it is personal circumstances that can have the biggest impact on staying with their current team. This is especially true of veteran players. Vick’s options are extremely limited and the fact that so many people close to him would be affected by a change of teams now is a powerful motivator. Vick has a chance to turn his career around and maybe get a few more years either in Philadelphia or elsewhere. Right now it is evident that Nick Foles isn’t ready for the big time. There is talk that Dennis Dixon, who formerly played under Kelly at Oregon and is now the Ravens third string quarterback, would also be brought in as a possible future starter for the team but once again he would likely require at least a month or two to get up to speed. Vick would likely get the opportunity to be the regular season starter for Philly for the first 4-6 weeks. In this time, he has the chance to prove his detractors wrong by performing well and staying healthy. If it doesn’t work out, he can walk away. If it does, he gets maybe three years as a backup or even a solid job offer as a starter. In the end, it is still most likely that Michael Vick’s career in Philadelphia and possibly the NFL is over. Still, with Chip Kelly doing so much to attempt to keep Vick on we cannot rule out the possibility he will indeed stay with Philly. One positive thing in his favor – the fact that the team just let the deadline pass for him to be paid $3 million guaranteed this coming season. Will Michael Vick remain in Philly? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • SpartanArmy

    keep vick

  • Lee Washington

    Keep Vick,, the O-Line was an absolute travisty,, especially early in the year. I just STILL don’t know what Vick can do behind a compent line. He must take a pay cut,, at least half, but if he agrees he could bring his career back from the dead.

  • David Gilbert

    what options do the Eagles have?…keep Vick, find someone in free agency, or go with Napoleon Dynamite… erm, I mean Nick Foles!

  • David Buddwalk

    OMG no !!! We have to get away from this fantasy that an athletic QB will take you anywhere. Please name me 1 that has won the Super Bowl…. you can’t because you need a QB with brains. Vick is too short and can’t read a defense to save his life. He has only finished a 16 game season ONCE in his entire career, hasn’t won a playoff game in 9 years !!! Move on already !!!!!

    • Chris Smith

      Does the name John Elway sound familiar? How about Steve Young? Or more recently – Ben Roethlisberger. Mobile quarterbacks win titles.

      • Matt Bowers

        that’s where the brains part comes into the equation

    • jtaylor8251

      So Russell Wilson is too short, Drew Brees is too short and you need to grow up. Get Vick a DAMN O-line like you do for white QB and let him play! Tom Brady’s career would have ended behind that Eagles line!

      • FrankyJDDL

        Preach bro jtaylor8251 I hate that everyone thinks they know football it’s a miracle thy Vick didn’t quit on this team because of that atrocious D-Line that we had

      • Marlon DeVaughn Hines

        You’re right about Tom Brady, everybody loves to pile up on Vick, and obviously they dont know football

    • Marlon DeVaughn Hines

      Stop copying off of the media. Believe me the Nfl knows the guy can still ball, that’s why coaches still game plan to stop him. You need to learn football for yourself. And last, there are 32 teams, do the math chump, everybody can’t win the superbowl

  • Neil Anderson

    Keep him in like 3 years a pocket qb will be opsalete

  • greg

    They will keep Vick because he is still arguably the most talented available qb… Best arm strength… Most athletic… He must devise an offense that offsets his height and tendency to hold the ball to long… Kelly isn’t dumb and it’s a no brainer despite the media’s tendency to discount him. If you honestly thought Kolb was a better option, you should exclude your opinion…