Feb 02, 2013; New Orleans, LA USA; Mike and Jake Dandrea, of Sandy Hook, Conn., pose on the mock NFL draft stage inside the NFL Experience, pro football

NFL Draft Prospects Do The Harlem Shake

So when a bunch of guys in their early twenties get together, some haven’t even graduated college yet, what do you expect them to do? Work out ahead of their NFL scouting combine in an attempt to get drafted? Sure. Expect them to mature over night? We do expect that but let’s be realistic it’s not going to happen.

The Patriots are still waiting on Rob Gronkowski to mature, but that isn’t going to happen this offseason.

So a bunch of NFL hopefuls and IMG clients are training together in hopes to make their dreams come true. Their dream of course is to be part of an annoying internet sensation known as the Harlem Shake.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t actually Harlem Shake video, they just start acting like jackasses in funny costumes. The stereotypical frat boy college punk routine. Quite frankly, I’m surprised Rob Gronkowski isn’t in this video. It probably wouldn’t have taken much convincing, you probably could have got him in it simply by asking and promising him a blow up alligator pool float.

But nevertheless here it is for your viewing pleasure, or torture. We apologize in advance for the minute of your life that will be wasted by watching this video.

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