Oct 23, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (7) throws the ball during the first quarter against the Oakland Raiders at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Top 5 Teams For Matt Cassel

Although Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has potential to be a #1 starter for a team, with teams putting their faith in other quarterbacks hands, it is more than likely he will be brought in as a solid back up.

Cassell has had some success stepping up when a team has needed him, so maybe getting him set up as a #2, should give him some motivation to perform well and stay consistent when needed to take over, under center.

Now everybody in the league could use a boost when it comes to the quarterback position, but for some teams, bringing in a consistent or healthy quarterback can be a challenge. So I broke down all 32 teams in this beautiful league that we love so much and came up with another NFL Spin Zone Top 5.

While Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs continue to take center stage, let’s fly under the radar and find out who would be a good fit for Matt Cassel.

1. Chicago Bears – The quarterback position has been a nightmare for the Chicago Bears through out the years. Until they brought in Jay Cutler who has brought some spark to an offense who hasn’t really been known to be a threat in the league. Last year they had Jason Campbell who took over Cutler after he suffered a concussion against the Houston Texans and didn’t really do a good job. The back up quarterback alone, has struggled, I am not sure what the front office of this organization is thinking, but a guy like Cassel should get attention from the Chicago Bears.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Even though they still believe in Blaine Gabbert, it wouldn’t hurt to bring Cassel in to bulk up the depth chart and add a little competition. They have the pieces but need a quarterback to make this team into what their fans want them to be, a winner. It may not happen right away, but as long as they keep making solid picks and try to bring in more talent, Cassel could possibly be some-what of a start.

3. Cleveland Browns – Being a Texas Longhorns fan, I was a little disappointed in the contribution Colt McCoy has given to his team. Bring in Cassel so all that pressure doesn’t cause Colt to crack, maybe it could make him better, but at least he still has a job. Where is Vince Young again? He could be a solid back up for this organization in case Weeden happens to get injured. Slowly but surely, this time is starting to get things rolling.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers – Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch are not working out as back ups for this team. Ben Roethlisberger has been hit with injuries in his time as a quarterback for the Steelers and needs a reliable back up to help lead this team if he can’t. They desperately need someone who can help carry the load and I believe Matt Cassel can be that man in Pittsburgh. More of a ‘Break glass incase of an emergency’ type deal.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I have said this time and time again, this organization wants to win. They have Josh Freeman as their #1 but what should happen if something happens to him? You always need a back up plan as I have said before. Tampa Bay should also be a team who could have interest in the former New England Patriot and Kansas City Chief as they look to improve their roster. They could get him for a decent price, instead of the $62 million Kansas City paid him when he was first brought in. He should be a lot cheaper now.


I think the favorites to land Alex Smith are the Arizona Cardinals. They went through 4 different quarterbacks last year, one of whom wasn’t even on an NFL roster till the Cardinals signed him in December! They were said to be a contender to get Alex Smith via trade, but I always maintained that would be unlikely since they’re in the same division as the San Francisco 49ers. It’s happened before, but most people don’t want to see a player like Smith stay with in the division. And let’s be honest when the Eagles sent the Redskins Donovan McNabb, they weren’t worried.

But now that the Kansas City Chiefs got Alex Smith, they’ll likely get rid of Matt Cassel. And the Arizona Cardinals are desperate for a quarterback, and what other option do they have other than to pursue Cassel.

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