Feb 02, 2013; New Orleans, LA USA; Rashad Thornton Sr., of New Orleans, jumps into the air at the Under Armour scouting combine area inside the NFL Experience, pro football

NFL Wants To Know If You Would Pay To Attend Scouting Combine?

The NFL allowed 300 fans to attend the comically nicknamed “Underwear Olympics” and watch men run, jump and dodge orange cones. But as television ratings for the Scouting Combine have sky rocketed as people tune into watch, the NFL might have found a new revenue source.

But I mean lets be serious, how many people are really watching, the majority of those ratings probably come from Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings franchises having it on TV all day. I mean, it’s better than watching ESPN pundits move their lips while not hearing what they’re saying.

So the NFL sent a survey to those 300 fans who attended. And according to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King they asked the following question:

 “If in future years the NFL instituted a charge of $25 to attend the NFL Scouting Combine for one day, how likely would you be to buy tickets?”

In the large scheme of NFL tickets, $25 isn’t a lot. At Cowboys Stadium in Dallas you can’t even get a “party pass” for $25, and if you do splurge on a “party pass,” a end zone standing room only ticket for the peasants of the DFW area, there is no guarantee you’ll actually see the field… Or even be allowed inside Jerry’s stadium. For big games they sell so many “party passes” that some fans have to watch the game on TVs in plazas outside the end zone sections of the stadium.

So now I think it’s just a matter of time.

Would you pay to attend the NFL Scouting Combine?

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