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Indianapolis Colts, Jerraud Powers have mutual interest

The Indianapolis Colts are striving to re-sign 25-year-old cornerback Jerraud Powers before he hits the free agent market, mainly because they can’t afford to lose a quality CB with the amount of needs they have at  the position. Even if they are able to keep Powers (which should happen), the Colts are still expected to go after another CB- Cary Williams is a possibility.

Chuck Pagano stated last month that he wants the Colts to keep Powers, and it sounds like the Colts are indeed doing as much as possible in order to keep the Auburn product. Powers’s agent, Cliff LaBoy, said this to the Indianapolis Star, “They are making a concerted effort to get something done. They’ve made it clear they want him and Jerraud has made it clear he wants to stay. We’re also aware there will be a market for him.”

It’s good to hear that Powers wants to stay in Indianapolis, and he is recovered from an injury that costed him a large chunk of the 2012 season after having surgery on his right toe to repair a damaged ligament. Powers, in those nine games last season, didn’t have his best season in coverage and missed a whopping 11 tackles (per the Pro Football Focus). He has never been great in coverage, but Powers was about average in that regard in 2011 and was much better in run defense. Overall, he is a decent corner and not somebody the Colts want to lose given their issues at CB.

If the Colts are not able to keep Powers despite the mutual interest between both parties, then the team will definitely go hard after a corner like Williams. I actually think Powers is about as good as Williams, and he is a much better value financially. Either way, the Colts should still go after another corner to pair with Vontae Davis (whether it be in the draft or in free agency) even if they do indeed keep Jerraud Powers.

The San Diego Chargers are also rumored to be interested, and Chuck’s brother John Pagano is San Diego’s defensive coordinator. Powers would be a good catch for the Chargers at the right price, and the fact that he is coming off of an injury will make him an affordable player. I guess that’s why the Colts want to sign him, but I would also like to note that the injury most likely won’t affect him next season.

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  • Mike Dyce

    They don’t want to get into a bidding war!

  • disqus_RmgaDy4kgX

    Cary Williams blows! Do we really want a guy who shoved a ref during the Superbowl…? I sure a hell don’t. I’d rather have Mike Jenkins, Nnamdi, or Antoine Cason. Chris Gamble even. Why wouldn’t either of those four be better? Forget the connection with Chuck.. If that’s the case, then the connection with Grigs and Nnamdi is waaaaay better to me. Let’s not forget that Nnamdi played out of his skillset with the Eeee-gles.. He will be back as a press man cover guy like he was in Oaktown and his size leaves much to be desired! Indy would be just what he needs to get back to being a top tier guy and besides that, everyone talks about how intelligent he is and what a class act he is… Sounds like a no brainer to me. I don’t care if he is 32… The best thing for a young team is to have some veterans sprinkled in here and there.. Cary Williams probably would have never seen the field had Ledarius Webb stayed healthy.. Frankly I wasn’t impressed with the guy..

    • Joe Soriano

      I agree, but I’m just relaying what I read in a piece from the Baltimore Sun about how the Colts will likely show interest in Williams. I agree with you that Williams is an overrated player, and he does have attitude problems. It goes beyond what he did at the SB too, because he stated earlier this offseason that he wants $8-10 million (Aqib Talib money), even though he is nowhere near that caliber of a player. Williams is the classic example of a mediocre player who gets overrated because of an SB run. I think I mentioned in the post that Powers is actually at least as good as Williams is, but the thing is Williams would be an upgrade for the Colts. I agree with your larger point too that the Colts should target one of the truly good corners. Btw, Chris Gamble allowed a QB Rating of just 53.3 in 2011- only Revis had a better mark.

      • disqus_RmgaDy4kgX

        One thing I absolutely love about Grigson is that he stated that even though we are in a position to spend money, unlike last year, they are going to be smart about it and not just go for a big name unless they are a “gamewrecker”. Sounds like Gamble is said gamewrecker with a stat like that. I believe we will see a major influx of talent via free agency without overpaying for just a couple of guys. With 4 draft picks free agency is the way to go this year, especially on O-line and DB being fairly deep. I understand the reasoning behind tendering players like Vaughn, Gordy, Reitz, and Link.. Purely for depth and experience. Come preseason I honestly don’t expect Gordy or Linkenbach to be on the roster hopefully because we have added Vasquez/Levitre and Nnamdi/Gamble. Along with a OT in free agency and possibly a SS.. I feel as if we get our OLB and DE in the draft with another

        • disqus_RmgaDy4kgX

          DB. I could see us getting one OL in draft, too. Hopefully Barret Jones, Larry Warford, or the Center from Cal. If we spend wisely in Free Agency we could afford Steven Jackson, Vontae Leech too. Also address WR by signing Denario Alexander to be day one no 2 & future no 1. Baffled as to why nobody mentions him as a target…

          • disqus_RmgaDy4kgX

            I’m okay with resigning Powers if he is our Nickel and Butler to be our Dime in the event Powers goes to IR again. Butler steps into the Nickle spot and Vaughn goes into the Dime or as the 5th guy/special teamer position and if we have Poyer or Mathieu via draft, they can fill the Dime spot and develope for the future. Funny how I have this all thought out knowing Powers will end up on IR, lol.. Either way that is a deep and solid stable of Corners.. Guys that started last year got valuable PT and would be nice backups..