Jan 20, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson (23) reacts during the second quarter of the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Set to Re-Build? Not So Fast!

When Andy Reid was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs, many had felt this was a team that needed to be completely changed from top to bottom. The first major move the Chiefs made hinted at such a suggestion, when they landed QB Alex Smith in a trade.  Now, normally when a new QB comes in that costed as much as the trade suggested , then it is expected to be a move made for the long term. However, soon thereafter the Chiefs decided to surprise people by tagging Pro Bowl OT Brandon Albert and re-signing WR Dwayne Bowe to a 5-year deal, instead of letting one if not both players go in free agency, as many people felt around the league. And now, the Chiefs have just came to an agreement with former Pro Bowl CB Dunta Robinson on a 3 year deal, who was coming off from another season with the Atlanta Falcons. It’s also worth mentioning that they signed Punter Dustin Colquitt to a rather hefty deal, so change has come in a rather big way for the Chiefs, but not the same type of change many have expected to see thus far.

What these moves indicate, is the Chiefs have a strong desire to compete immediately in the AFC West, as they are keeping the existing talent they’ve already had before making Andy Reid their Head Coach, while bringing in more talent to aid and compliment those players. After all, this was a team that featured more Pro-Bowlers (5) than overall wins (2). As of right now, it is unknown what the Chiefs will do with their 1st overall pick, as talk has ranged from continuing their interest in drafting a premier OT with their 1st pick to pair with Brandon Albert, to even trading down and picking up more picks in the upcoming draft. Anyway, they upgraded their offense considerably when they landed QB Alex Smith, a position that needed a serious change following the disappointment in the Matt Cassel trade made years ago. Not only will they have a considerably better option at QB, but they will have that QB with a fairly good RB in Jamaal Charles, along with a great OT in Brandon Albert and a top target in Dwayne Bowe. When you look at the defense, they have a bright young star in CB Brandon Flowers, now paired with a respectable veteran CB in Dunta Robinson, who has shown in the past he can still get the job done in pass coverage. Oh, and that goes without mentioning their other young star in the secondary in FS Eric Berry, who has a ton of potential in becoming one of the best young safeties in the NFL. It should go without saying that the Chiefs now have a very formidable secondary aimed at becoming a problem for other QBs in the AFC West, including one Peyton Manning, QB of the current division champ Denver Broncos.

Coming into the off-season, the Chiefs needed a ton of help, especially if they had any hope of compeating in the future for a spot in the playoffs. Now, after a surprisingly short amount of time, the Chiefs are in position where they have a ton of options available to them in bolstering this roster. The Chiefs still need quite a bit of work done, so this whole series of events will need time in order to shape up into an image all Chiefs fans are hopeful in seeing, yet now the Chiefs have made it clear they intend on winning from day 1.

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  • Jamie Denton

    I don’t know that much about Robinsonson, but I have read good and bad reports! I am glad to see the Chiefs taking a WIN NOW attitude and not a rebuild, But after reading several reports today on the Chiefs and comments can we please stop using the DREAM TEAM 2.0 LABEL!!!!! I don’t want to jinx my favorite team! Thank you!!!

  • saywhat11

    who had the chiefs rebuilding? they already had DJ/Flowers/Tamba/Charles/Berry/Poe/Succop signed long term. they are all hitting their prime and are under 30.
    only people who saw a “rebuild” in KC, a team that features an OL that has 2nd/2nd/3rd round picks on interior line in the past 3 years as starters, are people who point blank didnt look at the roster
    even the devon wylie’s and dexter mccluster’s are sitting on roster just waiting for a qb and some space.
    reid didnt go to KC to rebuild. that was never ever even a thought

  • MissouriBorn

    I am not a ‘rabid’ fan, but do follow the Chiefs. Since when is Jamaal Charles just a ‘fairly good’ running back? Reading through this article reminded me of a story where ghost writers in Pakistan assume an American sounding name and then piece together ‘news’ from a variety of sources. The grammatical errors and irrelevant verbiage, like “it should go without saying…” are way much for a supposedly professional sports site. If it should go without saying, don’t say it. Lastly, the punter’s name is Dustin, not Destin. Do better research before you cut and paste a report.

    • Mike Dyce

      I do apologize for the grammatical errors. I didn’t have time to look this piece over before it was posted (vacation weekend for a concert) otherwise I certainly would have caught it. But I would like to say that those errors would contradict your “cut and paste” theory and should reassure you we’re Americans making mistakes, not ghost writers in Pakistan. I also agree that Charles is more than a fairly good running back. He’s top 5 in the NFL at that position I think.