December 23, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison (92) on the field against the Cincinnati Bengals during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Cincinnati Bengals won 13-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency: Top Five James Harrison Destinations

Earlier today the Pittsburgh Steelers and James Harrison himself, announced that he was no longer a part of the franchise.

So surprise surprise, another ‘shocking’ move and yet the list of veteran talent for this years market has indeed just got deeper. Every team in this league, could use a linebacker like Harrison, so I won’t be surprised if a dozen teams contact the 34 year old veteran besides the Top Five we suggest.

A monster of a linebacker and a leader, Harrison is outspoken but does leave it all on the field every game he is involved in. He did battle a knee injury last season, but has no signs of slowing down as he hopes to find a new home and bring a Super Bowl to his new franchise, whoever that may be.

Whoever brings him in, could give him a short deal for a decent amount of money, only 34, it’s unknown on how long Harrison actually intends to play. Will he stick it out 3 more years like Ray Lewis did and hope to retire a Super Bowl champion? Of course he would want too.

Both Ray Lewis raised and set the bar for linebackers who come in this league or are looking to enter this league. The level of play they both have is incredible. Both hit hard, both have the desire to win and both love the game.

He is familiar with the 3-4 defense, but I’m sure could adjust to a different scheme if the offer seems right for him. So, who could possibly reach out to James Harrison and talk him into bringing his smash mouth style of play to their franchise? Drum roll.

1. Cleveland Browns – If anybody remembers, well I’m sure you do, James Harrison hit Colt McCoy so hard he got up and thought he was back at the University of Texas. And didn’t he almost end Josh Cribbs life? Well, he almost ended a few lives/careers with the hits he has handed out. But anyways, Cleveland doesn’t want to be looked at as the joke of the league anymore and have added pieces to this team that will lead them in the right direction. Taking Harrison from division rival Pittsburgh Steelers and putting him in their own uniform, would probably be a good feeling for the front office of this team and the fans of Cleveland. So instead of Harrison putting the fear into Cleveland Browns players, he could be putting the fear into other teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, as a Cleveland Browns player.

2. Kansas City Chiefs – This team is almost there, but they have a few more miles to go before this team looks like it is post season ready. They need that extra kick on defense and now that James Harrison is a free agent, they need to do what they have to, to bring him in and make him a Kansas City Chief. The front office of this team has been moving in the right direction, making good decisions by trading for Alex Smith and now singing corner-back Dunta Robinson from the Atlanta Falcons. This team could use a veteran linebacker like Harrison to bring this defense together, who has struggled and isn’t their strong point as of right now, now that their offense is slowly starting to take shape. If they are serious about being Super Bowl contenders, they need a guy like James Harrison.

3. Philadelphia Eagles – What haven’t I said about this team, that I haven’t said already? Well, they need help where they can get it and it should be at any cost. They could upgrade at this position during the draft, but bidding against other teams for James Harrison wouldn’t be such a bad idea considering they need help and need it fast. That is all you have to really say about this team. They need help.

4. Washington Redskins – With London Fletcher, their key linebacker, thinking about retirement, the Washington Redskins may be looking for a replacement if he does indeed retire. There are a handful of linebackers who are free agents who could be brought in as a replacement. Even though he is undecided, it could be an opening for James Harrison to be ready to add his signature onto a contract and get ready to report to camp as a Washington Redskin. It could be a quick way for him to get another Super Bowl championship under his belt. So I think right now this move could be possible, but only depending on what London Fletcher decides, although it would look awesome if both Fletcher and Harrison were on the field, at the same time, making plays together.

5. Indianapolis Colts – They released Dwight Freeney and could easily replace him with James Harrison. A man who is familiar with the team and a city and team who is familiar with him. This could be the piece they need on defense to make them a solid contender to make it deep into the playoffs instead of being turned around after a wild card round appearance. A very young team, needs a veteran like James Harrison to keep their heads straight and keep them focused. I think he would fit perfectly in Indianapolis and could help Andrew Luck bring a Super Bowl back to this city who love their Indianapolis Colts.

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