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Baltimore Ravens and Orioles Scheduling Conflict May Affect Opener

The 2013 season hasn’t even opened its eyes yet and we already have a problem. As we know, or most of us do, in case you don’t watch the sport, but Major League Baseball’s opening day is just weeks away.

The Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens do share a parking lot with each other and the NFL was looking for the Ravens to open up the season on September 5th.

A date in which the Baltimore Orioles host the Chicago White Sox (Go Cubs Go, just had to throw this in here) with first pitch scheduled to be at 7:05 pm on the dot.

So now what? Will the defending Super Bowl Champions have to open up on the road? Or will they be replaced with another set of teams to kick off the season?

We can all take a deep breath, knowing this could easily be fixed considering September is 6 months away.

You would think being the Super Bowl champions, the Orioles would be willing to postpone their game with no questions asked. They could possibly play a double header the next day, but it will be interesting though to see what could come into play if a decision isn’t made.

Now if the Baltimore Ravens do have to go on the road, it will be very weird and I’m sure fans will not be pleased, they would prefer to open the season by raising that banner.

What they could do is allow them to take the Monday Night Football slot and close out Week 1. But who would open up the season if that were to occur? Two games quickly come in mind and they are the following.

I would love to see the Seattle Seahawks go up against the San Francisco 49ers. This could possibly end up being an NFC Championship match up, could open up the season with a bang as both NFC West teams added more weapons to their already dangerous rosters.

Another game that could open up the season would be the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. Why not, right? Send New England to Denver, let Peyton Manning target Wes Welker a couple times and rack up yardage up against his former team. These two games would definitely be a shoot out and would be a good start for the season if they need a quick solution.

But like I said, it is 6 months away and I am 90% they will fix what is ahead and the 2013 season will kick off with the champions as it has been. The intros of the players, fans going crazy for their Baltimore Ravens to take the field and I know every one of us (who may or may not be Ravens fans), will eye the tunnel waiting for that familiar face to come walking out of that smoke, but doubt it happens.

But how cool would it be if ‘Hot In Here’ by Nelly hits over the P.A. System and he does walk through that smoke and onto the field, just not in uniform. I’m sure the whole stadium would erupt and fans, not just across the country, but around the globe would be just as excited to see him once again. If and when this does get fixed, Ray Lewis needs to be a part of this home opening celebration before Joe Flacco and the Ray Lewis-less Baltimore Ravens take the field and begin defending their crown.

Will someone please wake me up when September is here?


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