Dec. 18, 2011; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher (54) takes the field before the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Soldier Field. The Seahawks defeat the Bears 38-14. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Urlacher Says He Is Not Upset With The Chicago Bears

Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears agreed to part ways after failing to agree to a mutually beneficial contract. It has the face of the Bears franchise for the past 13 years facing free agency for the first time in his career and looking for a new team. But when Urlacher joined ESPN Chicago, he had a message for the fans.

“Well, I had a great time here,” Urlacher said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “Thirteen years is a long time to play in one place in any sport, especially football. … But the fans have always been great here, especially to me. Whether we were good or bad, they still came out and froze their butts off in the winter. … Much appreciation to the fans. I’ll always hold our fans to a higher standard than other fans.”

And while Bears fans are upset that Urlacher is leaving, he isn’t.

“I’m not upset. I was never upset,” Urlacher said. “I understand the business side of football and it was just time to move on for me. That’s all there was to it. I was never upset. Disappointed? Yes. Did I want to be a Bear? One hundred percent. But it just didn’t work out.”

He was however, shocked by how quickly the news came out.

“It was amazing how fast they released it. They got off the phone with my agent at I don’t know what time it was, and 30 seconds later they already had the email on Twitter. So they already has the statement prepared, obviously. … They knew what was going to happen. They were ready for it, obviously. … I would’ve appreciated the call.”

On a final note, he explained how the offseason negotiations went.

“Honestly, it wasn’t a shock to me that it went like this. I said this before, I told my agent at the beginning of the offseason that I don’t have a good feeling about the Bears. There was no dialogue going back and forth; they didn’t even talk to my agents. I specifically told my agents not to call the Bears because I wanted to see if they really wanted me back or not. They didn’t contact us until the combine. They met and asked us to send a proposal over. … Just never could get a deal worked out. We had another proposal sent back after they sent theirs over. … The Bears were stuck on their offer; that’s what they had in mind and they weren’t moving. So it just didn’t work out, and I wasn’t surprised one bit.”

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  • law

    After how this deal went down with urlacher other bears players have to wonder what their fate will be with the organization the way they handled urlacher WAS a slap in the face after the face of the organization enters his first free agency in 13 seasons he should be retiring from Chicago with honors instead of bring cast out like a wild animal that did nothing look at the history 8 probowls defense player of the year multi years some respect for a legend in a city dat dont give a damn about the stars as u can tell remember micheal jordan….. Im from chicago an i am a very disgusted with the way chicago treats our superstars even rose they want him to come back an be superman on a team with no help but a few small pieces in place yall gey yo a**es out there an tear yo acl an see how u feel sign some more players around da kid so we can have a real shot at a championship im with rose on this rose dont fome back til next season or until they pull some real peices in place …. but back to urlacher sign da hall of famer an let him retire in chicago with the greats where he belongs……. Concerned Chicago fan

  • law

    Sign him so he retires with chicago like he is suppost to it wouldnt hurt to sign him to a 1yr contract at the least his leadership on the team an in the locker room is worth that he is planning on retiring anyway after this yr send him out with a bang like lewis an let him retire with the team that help build his career in chicago dont need another case like Michael Jordan or Brett farve … SIGN URLACHER to a 1yr for 2.7mil done deal he retires an the organization and fans are happy

  • Antoine

    When I first heard this story, I was like,” damn Bears” you could of made this work. But after thinking with a cooler head I realize that the position needs an upgrade. Urlacher bless his heart gave Da Bears good service and was paid handsomely. But his play is declining and at a faster pace everytime he recovers from a injury. He is no longer that threat he was 3 yrs ago. So 2 mill was a generous offer. Kudos to Phil. Yaw can thank him later when we get Alec Ogletree and he puts the Monster back in the Midway.