Dec. 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher on the sidelines in the second against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency: Top Five Brian Urlacher Destinations

This will be a tough list to do, considering I am a Chicago Bears fan. Just in case you didn’t notice the picture of the hat on my big head next to the biography about me that mentions that small fact.

But, the future Hall of Fame linebacker has his name in the free agency pool for the first time in his career.

Considering his age and the injuries hes faced in his career, this season may be his last. Now a field general like Urlacher, you would think it is possible that he could get decent money to represent another organization. It shouldn’t be a problem right? Wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, there are teams out there that are interested, I mean, come on now, it’s Brian Urlacher. But I’m sure they would rather have him lower his price tag if he wishes to continue his career. He gave the Chicago Bears a ‘home town discount’ which the front office offered Urlacher $1.5-$2 million, but that number didn’t quite seal the deal as a counter offer of $3.5 million for one season was made. Things fell apart, Chicago and Urlacher parted ways and now here we are.

So, if the Chicago Bears couldn’t bring in Urlacher for the $1.5-$2 million they hoped for, what would it take to sign this man? If the team you played for, for over a decade wouldn’t bring you back for $3 million, what does that show other franchises across the league? It could force him to either retire or lower his price tag.

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers shared his thoughts on Brian Urlacher by saying the following:

“I always appreciated the approach he takes to the game. Against the Bears you never had to worry about cheap shots around the pile after the whistle. They played the right way and it was led by Brian.”

If or when he does get signed, it will be interesting to see what type of contract he was offered and accepted. I just know it is going to look and feel different without 54 calling the shots on defense. So who should take a chance on Brian Urlacher? Let’s start off with our #1 spot.

1. Denver Broncos – They lost D.J. Williams who signed with the Chicago Bears and slipped up with Elvis Dumervil who left for the Baltimore Ravens. Two guys who have faced each other in their first Super Bowl appearances, Urlacher should jump at this opportunity if they do call him, considering Peyton Manning is their quarterback. This team looks to be Super Bowl ready so this could be Brian’s last chance if this indeed is his last season. They could use his leadership and his ability to make plays the way he does as long as he stays healthy.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – Last season, not 1 single defensive player for the Pittsburgh Steelers recorded double digit sacks. With the power house defense that they have, how could this happen? Urlacher could be a cheap replacement for Harrison. Although the Steelers run a 3-4 style defense, with the former Bears ability to call out audibles and adjust the defense as the quarterback does for his offense, could make the right calls and get positive production from teammates in hopes of double digit sack numbers and more take aways. They have the right talent, they just need a general like Brian Urlacher.

3. Houston Texans – When the Houston Texans came into the windy city to play the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football last season, Brian Urlacher was criticized by fans for congratulating former Chicago Bear and good friend Danieal Manning after he intercepted Jay Cutler. The Chicago Bears lost the game and fans who were upset about Urlachers sportsmanship, didn’t hesitate to speak out about it. Houston could use another veteran linebacker like Urlacher and it shouldn’t take him long to get adjusted as the Texans still have his good friend Danieal Manning, on the roster. Manning knows the skills the veteran linebacker could bring and could definitely play the same role in Houston as he did in Chicago.

4. Cincinnati Bengals – They haven’t spent that much money this off season on new talent, but could use a veteran like Brian Urlacher even though they re-signed linebacker Ray Maualuga but could use Urlacher as a mentor or a back up (can’t believe I said that) in case something were to happen to the young linebacker out of USC. A definite playoff team with a big budget could give Urlacher the contract he was looking for from the Chicago Bears, possibly more. I would doubt they offer him a giant contract, maybe see if he would settle for the $2 million or maybe even $2.5 million. It wouldn’t be that bad a move in my opinion, could possibly make Maualuga better.

5. Buffalo Bills – They need some sort of leadership and could definitely get that and more if they take a chance on Urlacher. It couldn’t get any worse, not to bash the team but they aren’t exactly a threat in the league, or even close to being one, maybe in the future (might get heat for that), but could bring him in and draft a linebacker in April to take pointers from Urlacher for as long as he is in Buffalo. It would be weird to see him in a Buffalo Bills uniform, I mean, going from the Monsters of the Midway, to the Buffalo Bills, we all have to admit that would come across as crazy. But if they could afford him, they need to roll the dice and bring him in. If he isn’t able to stay healthy, he can still be that leader he was in Chicago and inspire the guys around him to make plays, in Buffalo.


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