Nov. 22, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets inside linebacker Bart Scott (57) reacts after a tackle against the New England Patriots during the first half on Thanksgiving at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency: Top Five Bart Scott Destinations

“Can’t Wait!” said Bart Scott as he interrupted ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio after the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots on January 16th, 2011.

Well, I wonder if Scott is still shouting that famous catch phrase now that he is a free agent and still hasn’t been picked up yet. Being 32 years old, it is understandable that he hasn’t been contacted yet, being in a free agent market that still has a lot of big name talent floating around. I do believe he will be signed, but not sure when, he has been somewhat healthy in his career, starting every game in the last 8 seasons in his career but 1 last season.

He had a streak of around 119 games, but that streak came to an end as he was sidelined with turf toe against the Miami Dolphins. So besides that, there shouldn’t be any problems, but of course it should all come down to the plans a franchise has with the position and what it would cost to sign him.

Through his 12 season in the National Football League, he has had some problems with his attitude and has lashed out at reporters and teammates. So this could possibly be another issue and does look bad on his resume as he looks to come back for his 13th season. But if he managed to put all those problems aside and assures his possible employer that those times are behind him, he could be a good fit for any team looking to add depth at the linebacker position.

Bart Scott has over 732 career tackles, 25 sacks, 4 interceptions, 6 forced fumbles with 1 Pro Bowl appearance which was in 2006.

1. Minnesota Vikings – A team who was thought to be interested in former division rival and Chicago Bear, Brian Urlacher, denied any interest unless his price “comes way, way down.” So this could possibly open up a roster spot for Bart Scott as the Minnesota Vikings look to add more talent to compete with the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears for the division crown. If he could keep his attitude under control, we know he can stay healthy enough to play, this should be a good solid pick up for the Minnesota Vikings if they happen to in fact get ahold of Bart Scott’s agent. With talented defensive players they already have, including Jared Allen, Chad Greenway, Kevin Williams just to name a few, this could be a potential top 10 defense next season.

2. Buffalo Bills – Until this team finds someone who can step up and become a leader on either side of the ball, I will continue to mention them. This team needs a leader! Attention to the front office of the Buffalo Bills! Yes you signed Kevin Kolb, awesome job, but is he the leader this team is looking for? No. This team has so A LOT of young talent and kids who have potential to be key players on both sides of the ball, they just need a guy who could light the fire under them to get them going. There are a handful of veteran leaders who you could bring into this organization and get your guys motivated to win. If you won’t look at Brian Urlacher or Karlos Dansby, at least contact Bart Scott. Not to mention, do you imagine the hype you guys would get for him whenever you played the division rival New York Jets?

3. Indianapolis Colts – They signed his former teammate LaRon Landry, so this could be a possible destination for him, it’s just a matter of how much and when. I think this could be the best fit for him, surrounded by a group of guys who made doubters into believers. The same thing that Bart Scott barked about when they beat the New England Patriots in 2011 when Scott sounded off on live television, calling out everybody who either doubted or didn’t back his team. They have a young solid group of linebackers, men including Robert Mathis, Kevin Conner and Jerrell Freeman, bring in the hard hitting, smash mouth player like Scott and this team could possibly win the division.

4. Baltimore Ravens – He started his career there, so why not go back to where it all began. They are still looking to add to their defense and have, with Elvis Dumervil, Marcus Spears, Chris Canty and Michael Huff. Just roll the dice and bring in Scott unless they have decided that the rest of their needs will be met when it comes time for them to turn their picks in for the NFL Draft. Adding Bart Scott would give them so much depth, it would be ridiculous, I made the mistake of saying that the Baltimore Ravens should be in panic mode as soon as Ellerbe and Kruger left, but now know they are good shape with the signings they have made. You could never go wrong with bringing him back, it’s just what would the fans think about it? I honestly think they could repeat with a defense like this. Just keep adding more pieces to this championship puzzle, give Bart Scott a call and try to get him cheap.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Adam Schefter has reported that linebacker Daryl Washington was suspended for the first 4 games of the regular season due to violating league’s substance abuse policy. Which isn’t good, but could be an easy fix if they decided to fill in that 4 games and possibly the rest of the year, by signing the man who is in the spotlight of this article. Unless they want to roll with back up Zack Nash, who is entering his 2nd season, has 1 total tackle in 8 games in his rookie season. If they do want to stay young, then roll with Nash and see what you can get in the draft. But if you want a dependable veteran who can come into camp, ready to work and produce for those 4 games Washington will be absent, then Bart Scott is your man.

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