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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Green Bay Packers take Terron Armstead

The folks on the main page do a weekly 2013 NFL Mock Draft, and this week they had offensive tackle Terron Armstead heading to the Green Bay Packers with the 26th pick in the draft. You can view the whole mock draft here, and this week’s edition was done by NFL Spin Zone Hall of Fame member Josh Sanchez. His marquee pick in this draft was the selection of West Virginia Mountaineers QB Geno Smith to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the second pick, so he seems to think that the Jaguars willingness to keep Blaine Gabbert is just a smokescreen.

Sanchez has the Packers adding some offensive line help to boost the protection for Aaron Rodgers. The Pack would be wise to improve Rodgers’s pocket, because they are investing heavily in him both financially and might not have the best insurance policy behind him at quarterback. The Packers offensive line could also use some upgrading to help out the next Packers starting running back.

In the comments section, Sanchez talks about Alabama Crimson Tide RB Eddie Lacy, who is a popular pick in mock drafts to the Green Bay Packers. However, Sanchez writes that Lacy doesn’t have elite speed and isn’t worth taking in the first round. Although the Packers might need a running back more, there are no backs worth taking in the first. Lacy is worth a second-round pick for sure, but I am also leery about his speed, and I don’t like taking running backs in the first round anyway.

Terron Armstead is a player who has been rising on draft boards recently, and Sanchez notes that and lauds Armstead’s athleticism. He is a freak athletically and showed it with an incredible 2013 NFL Combine performance. However, the Arkansas Pine-Bluff product played against inferior competition and doesn’t seem worth a first-round choice to me. He looked good in college, but he didn’t play like a first rounder when I watch him. Armstead has a lot of upside, but he also has a lot of downside. I don’t like “upside” picks, and I think Armstead is worth a mid second-round pick at most. Lacy is actually the better draft prospect, in my opinion.

So who should have the Packers drafted in the first round? I could see them taking a wide receiver like DeAndre Hopkins, and that’s something Jason Hirschhorn  of Lombardi Ave detailed in an excellent piece recapping the Packers pick in the mock draft. Wide receiver isn’t a position of need for the Packers, but it could become one down the road since Greg Jennings left for the Minnesota Vikings this offseason and James Jones is in his last year. Hopkins would be a solid pick at the end of the first round, and he has the potential to be a number one wide receiver.

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  • Alexander Spiers

    1st Round : Margus Hunt, DE
    The Packers defensive line needs improvement. Ryan Pickett is turning 34, Raji becomes a free agent next year and they’re in dire need of a pass rusher on their line. Margus Hunt is a physical freak, measuring in at 6 ft 8, 277 lbs, sizing up perfectly for a 3-4 defensive end. He’ll become an immediate pass rushing threat to all teams, he’ll add much needed speed along the line and a major bonus for the Packers rush defense.

    2nd Round : Quinton Patton, WR
    Yes, I already know that’ll I get the “are you fucking stupid, we’re already rich at WR”. You all have to accept the fact that a) we just lost Jennings/Driver and b) James Jones becomes a free agent next year and then Nelson the following. Many scouts have compared him to Greg Jennings and say that he’s a more polished version with a higher ceiling. The rich keep getting richer with this pick.

    3rd Round : Le’veon Bell, RB
    Packers are in dire need of consistent and reliable 3 down back. They already have a perfect change of pace back with Dujuan Harris. Le’veon Bell is a big back that’ll provide the Packers with excellent pass blocking and receiving that’s crucial to the Packers offense. He’s also very difficult to take down, will keep defenses honest and will punish the opposition. Option Pick : Christine Michael, RB

    4th Round : David Quessenberry, OT
    The Packers received a devastating blow in 2011 when 1st round pick Derek Sherrod went down with a broken leg. Since then they’ve had trouble providing Rodgers with consistent and reliable blocking on their left side. Derek Sherrod will be back this year but no-body knows if he’ll be the same. David Quessenberry provides versatility along the line which Ted Thompson loves and is an excellent offensive tackle. He’d add to their depth on the line and will defiantly help improve it.

    5th Round : Kwame Geathers, NT
    Do you all remember how effective the Packers defensive line was during their super-bowl run? Not only was it effective because Cullen Jenkins provided a pass rusher but they also weighed 900+ pounds and were capable of disrupting offensive lines. Kwame will add a monstrous frame to their defensive line at 6 ft 5, 345 lbs and it’ll add to their depth. This is a huge value pick and remember Raji is a free agent next year so time to load up.

    5th Round : Ricky Wagner, OT
    Yes, I pick another offensive tackle and here is why. DEPTH! DEPTH! AND MORE DEPTH! NO Aaron means no Super-bowl. Our offensive tackles are continuously going down and we can’t afford to lose Aaron. Shore up the offensive line while their is value left on the board.

    6th Round : Travis Long, OLB
    A depth pick at the position.

    7th Round : Jordan Rodgers, QB
    I don’t feel comfortable with Graham Harrell at the reigns if Aaron Rodgers gets injured. We seriously need to find a better back up and I’d like to see them pick up Jordan and not because he’s Aarons brother but because I honestly believe he’s a gem in this draft. He followed the same path as older brother Aaron and played a similar story in college as the popular star Tom Brady. Jordan was forced into the starting roll due to an injury to the previous starter. Once given a full season this year, Jordan showcased a deadly accurate arm in the sec division throwing 15 TD’s, 5 INT’s along with a 139.1 passer rating. Looks familiar doesn’t it?

    I know my draft will cause some huge dispute but look at it like this. It shores up our two biggest problems (lines). Finds us a 3 down back that’ll not only fit our mold, open our playbook but also help protect Aaron and take pressure off his back. It reloads our WR cupboard and makes us even more dangerous at our strength. Also remember we have upcoming FA’s at that position. I believe they’ll trade down to a top team in the second round targeting a QB which they’ll still pick Margus Hunt but also pick up a safety with the additional pick. Tight End and Center in my mind will be targeted in next years draft. We already have a plethora of tight ends, one being an all star already and a center is someone you really invest into. Why waste a late pick on someone when you already have an EDS who’s hungry? Just doesn’t make sense to me. So I firmly believe they’ll invest into those two positions next year if you’re wondering why they aren’t in my mock.

    Go Packers.

    • Joe Soriano

      I don’t feel comfortable with Harrell either, and I think I hinted that in the piece as well. Rodgers and Rodgers at QB? Now that would be awesome. I love your 2nd-4th round picks, and it would be a dream for the Packers to have Patton fall to them in the late 2nd. But I wouldn’t want to draft Hunt in the first-round. As I said, I hate picks solely based on potential. If the Packers want to get a DE, then they should take Tank Carradine over Hunt.

  • Samuel Armstead

    1st round for ARMSTEAD he can play both tackles or guard or tight-end and even play defensive linemen,in two years he”ll be all-pro tight-end or left tackle he played hurt his entire senior season.