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2013 NFL Draft: Least Favorite Picks Of The First Round

Last night was the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Everyone has a different opinion of the draft and a different perspective of the first round, so we had the NFL Spin Zone writers give us their least favorite picks from the first round of the NFL draft.

We also have our favorite picks.

Least Favorite Picks:

Todd FrankMy least favorite move(s) was another obvious one that had most people scratching their heads: the Miami Dolphins trading up from #12 to #3 to grab pass rusher Dion Jordan out of Oregon. Jordan might turn out to be great, but it seems like the depth of this draft could have yeilded the Dolphins a solid pass rusher or offensive tackle at #12. They still have a 2nd rounder (#54 overall), but gave up their other 2nd rounder (#42 overall) to Oakland to move up for Jordan.

I also thought the Cowboys should have grabbed Safety Jonathan Cyrien (or Safety Matt Elam, picked next by the Ravens) after they traded back from #18 to #31, especially considering they drafted a Center that most expected to be available in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Mike DyceAs a Cowboys fan, it is hard for me to think anyone had a worst first round than the Dallas Cowboys. They could’ve taken Sharrif Floyd at 18 instead of trading down. They didn’t even manage to get a second round pick out of the deal, which almost moved them out of the first round all together. The 49ers had 2 second round picks (34, 61) they could’ve parted with. They also have 2 picks in the 3rd round and gave the Cowboys the later of the 2 (74, 93). That is right, the Cowboys probably could have gotten that 61 pick, or 74 at least. San Francisco got a steal on this deal.

I also was hoping that the Cowboys would take Barrett Jones in the 2nd or 3rd round, a similar player with interior line versatility. Quite frankly, I think Jones resume is far more impressive than Travis Frederick’s and I think this will be a looked at as a mistake like when the Cowboys draft Felix Jones and passed on Ray Rice.

Josh Carter: The Cowboys traded all the way back from the middle of the 1st to the very end of the 1st, only picking up a 3rd rounder.  This is a team in dire need of a safety and defensive tackle and had Sharrif Floyd, the best defensive tackle on the board available to them at their original pick.  Maybe Jerry figured he’d fall all the way to 32.  At #32 the Cowboys picked up a Center, Travis Frederick of Wisconsin who was believed to be a 2nd- 3rd round pick by many experts and bloggers.  This was with some great safeties and defensive linemen still available.  Even if he pans out to be first round, if he wasn’t on any other team’s boards in the 1st, then it could’ve been an opportunity for Jerry Jones to look like a genius in nabbing him later and getting a more in demand player.  The University of Wisconsin, however, is known for producing great offensive linemen.  The big questions that remain now are: Did Jerry see something everyone else didn’t?  Or was he caught like a deer in the headlights and made a quick move based on stereotypes?  Only time will tell…

David MinielLeast favorite pick, has to be the teams who need the most help on their offensive line, who passed up Barrett Jones. I thought he could have slipped into the 1st round, after what he did in 4 years in Alabama and playing all 5 positions on the offensive line, finishing his final year at the center position. I thought this kid who was projected to be either a 2nd round or 3rd round pick has what it takes to become a 1st round pick and an offensive line coaches dream prospect. You don’t see too many guys who play this sport who can jump from position to position on an offensive line and be able to do their job and do it well. Some take time adjusting to position changes, some avoid having to switch all together, so with Barrett Jones, you can stick him where ever you think he fits best and know he won’t have to adjust, being able to move him around the line if you were to have one of your other starters go down to an injury. Whoever picks him up in the 2nd round, where I think he goes early, within the first 10 picks, they will have a good 5 position player. This kid is only going to get better as his career goes on.

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