Dec 19, 2012; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow talks to the media at the Jets training facility. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency: Top Five Tim Tebow Destinations

Well, Tim Tebow’s time with the New York Jets didn’t last long, as it was announced earlier that the New York Jets decided to release Tim Tebow.

Now we all know Tim Tebow’s story and what he did in Denver, after those come backs and leading them back to the playoffs, was traded by the Denver Broncos out of no where, to the New York Jets. Now when I seen this as a headline on ESPN, I scratched my head, not really understanding why the Jets traded for Tebow. I understood the Broncos wanting to shop Tebow, knowing they would take a shot at bringing in Peyton Manning, bringing him in before they actually traded him.

With the draft being over and teams picking up extra pieces they need, in Tebow’s case, quarterbacks, I am not sure if too many teams will be interested in bringing him in unless they look to use him the same way the Jets did. Not taking anything away form Tebow, but New York wasn’t exactly the greatest place for him to go. He definitely has a lot of potential, he needs to be surrounded by the right coaching staff, at the right time, for the opportunity he is looking for, to be a starting quarterback in the National Football League, once again.

Where that coaching staff is and when? Who knows, like I said, the draft just ended and next years draft is going to have some decent talent as far as the quarterback position is concerned.

In 3 seasons in the National Football League, he has thrown 17 touchdowns against 9 interceptions, 2,422 passing yards, 989 rushing yards and lead the Denver Broncos to their first AFC West title and playoff win since 2005. In his only season with the New York Jets, behind Mark Sanchez he only completed 8-6 passes for 39 yards, with 102 rushing yards on 32 attempts. Now with all this being said, let’s get this list started and see where he could possibly end up, if he doesn’t consider a position change.

I may get some heat for this list, but, here we go.

Jacksonville Jaguars – They denied reports of bringing in Tim Tebow a few months back, but honestly, do you actually think they would stand by it? Tebow played college ball in Florida, for all of you who didn’t know and the quarterback situation in Jacksonville isn’t all that great either. The options this team could have with Tebow and that young offense could be endless, it may not be the cleanest and high scoring offense they would want, but right now the Jaguars only have 2 active quarterbacks on their roster with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. A handful of positions were address in the draft and the quarterback position was not one of those issues. So throw out a little bit of money in Tebow’s direction and boost ticket sales, maybe even get a win or two if he so happens to start a game or two if something were to happen to Gabbert or Henne.

San Diego Chargers - I am not completely sure if Philip Rivers is the franchise quarterback that San Diego is looking for, but I know Tim Tebow isn’t, but it wouldn’t hurt to have him as an option. Tebow can be seen as somewhat of a leader, guys around the league do respect him and right now the Chargers only have 3 quarterbacks on the roster, not taking one in this years draft. It could be a long stretch but, you could let Tebow compete for the #2 or #3 job if they decide not to bring in a undrafted free agent rookie anytime soon.

Arizona Cardinals – John Skelton left to the Cincinnati Bengals so right now their quarterback situation looks like the following, Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Brian Hoyer. Last season they ran through quarterbacks like new born babies run through diapers, it was ridiculous, a lot had to do with their offensive line but still, that’s crazy. I’m not saying Tebow could be a game changer in Arizona, but he could add depth and give this team who is currently rebuilding on offense, some new options to try out.

Arena Football League – Now I know what you are thinking, ‘David, the Arena Football League has nothing to do with NFL Free Agency.’ Actually it sorta does, you see, there has been players bouncing back and forth through the years between the Arena Football League, National Football League and Canadian Football League. Kurt Warner, Michael Bishop, Shaun King, Tommy Maddox, Jared Lorenzen, Jim Kubiak, Jordan Palmer (Carson’s little brother), all played in the National Football League and Arena Football League at some point in their career. Some of these guys had great careers in the National Football League, others found success in the Arena Football League after interest in them dropped from the NFL. If nobody picks up Tim Tebow in the National Football League, he will definitely end up in the Arena Football League or Canadian Football League, which leads me to our next destination.

Canadian Football League - Just like the Arena Football League, greats from this sport have swapped from league to league through out the years. Another list of greats coming/going to Canada are Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia (backed up Flutie in Calgary in ’94), Joe Theisman, and Dieter Brock. Not that big of a list, but you know, they were still quarterbacks and found success in both league. But it just shows, if you can’t find your rhythm in one place, you could always find it in another and possibly get people interested in you again in another league. It has worked for a handful of guys and they went on to be one of the greatest players to ever throw a pig skin.

We will see what happens to Tim Tebow but the Arena Football and Canadian League have to be the best option for him. He really doesn’t have a place to go, poor Tebow.


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