May 10, 2013; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos running back Montee Ball (38) during rookie minicamp at the Broncos training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

All signs point to Montee Ball being the lead back for the Denver Broncos

When the Denver Broncos selected Montee Ball with the 58th overall pick in this years NFL Draft it signaled a change in the backfield and possibly a slight change in their running scheme.  Ball excelled in the one cut zone scheme running game at Wisconsin and with the hiring of Alex Gibbs as an offensive line consultant there will be more of this style back in Denver.  Bronco fans will remember Gibbs from his time with the Broncos from 1995-2003, which included back to back Super Bowl victories in 1997 & 98 led by John Elway and Terrell Davis.  According to the Denver Post, Ball wasn’t shy in recognizing what makes him effective, saying, “I understand what my strengths are”,  “I’m not going to outrun  somebody or I’m not going to run around them. I know I need to be a one-cut type  running back to get the first down.”

Given the style of running back that Ball is and his ability to pick up the blitz he looks like the replacement for Willis McGahee.  Ronnie Hillman figures to see the change of pace touches leaving Knowshon Moreno, Lance Ball (the other testicle), Mario Fannin and Jeremiah Johnson to fight for the back up roles and practice squad spot.  Montee Ball is also a good receiver out of the backfield which was never a big strength for McGahee, although he did snag 26 passes in 2012.  It’s also a good sign that Peyton Manning was quick to start texting Ball about learning the playbook, although Peyton probably texts the 3rd string team chef about working on his spaghetti sauce (detailed would be an understatement when describing the sheriff).

From his 2nd round selection to the bringing in of Gibbs it looks very much like Ball was brought in to be the Terrell Davis to Peyton Manning’s John Elway.  What says you?  Is Ball the final piece to the Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII puzzle?



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  • Glenn

    I wanted this young man to be a Raider. It will suck watching him as a Donkey.

    • John Richards

      why he will be winning and not running arround with a skull for his mascott losing 9 out of 10 games have a heart dont wish for anybody to have to play for FAIDERS your going to end up with your franshise being sold to some city like bakersfeild ca that has no arena football team but the upside is you could get tebow for QB ya should try now hes better than what ya got PS WE ARE GOING TO GET WOODSON ANOTHER 4 AND 12 SEASON FOR THE FAIKERS I MEAN RAIDARS BRONCOS WILGO 19 AND 0 THIS YEAR

      • Glenn

        Is it tough being that stupid? I complementa specific player that I wanted my fav football team to draft and the best you can come up with is bashing the Raiders? The Donkeys have been bitches for a very long time. It won’t change even if I am a fan of Monte. Now go play with yourself some more you myopic assclown.

        • Carlos Armijo

          I hear ya, he’s a proven commodity. I think he’ll have a better chance for success with Broncos given the attention Peyton will draw. Also, the Fades O-line needs some beef before any back is going to enjoy being behind it.

      • Carlos Armijo

        As a Broncos fan, its nice to hear from all fans on forums..why give the Raiders fan such hell, he was just being conversational?

    • Rich Moore

      I don’t understand Raider fans….what’s up with the halloween costumes? I’m not on here to argue and throw gas on the fire but some of those folks have lost reality by wearing and being dumb asses. You have to agree? It’s embarrassing people…ya think it scares people or what’s going through your pea brain? Put down the crack pipe!

    • bronncohowie

      Hey Glenn: Go back to your Faiders site, we don’t want you stupid comments here. Oh, I guess you just wanted to see how a real team does it !!

  • John Richards

    They had it before the draft its just maid it easier to go 19 and 0 dolphines record is in deep jepordy with all the free agents the rookies still going after freeagents if we get woodson and abraham undefeted isnt hard to see

  • johnnydow

    On paper it looks like a huge piece added to the offensive attack. I read the new O.C. has said he wants to go more up tempo. It will be interesting to see the run/pass ratio this season. Fox is a conservative coach so will it be more ground and pound?

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