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JaMarcus Russell and His Blank DVD

While gathering information for JaMarcus Russell and his tryout with the Chicago Bears, I glossed over a little story about Russell and a blank DVD. I stopped and finally read that story and it if HILARIOUS!

Here is how the story goes:

JaMarcus Russell had the rep from the coaches in Oakland as being a fat lazy pig that wasn’t studying game tape and really didn’t care about crap except for collecting that paycheck (or something like that). The coaches wondered if he even checked out the game tapes when he went home. To test their suspicion, they sent him home with a blank DVD and wanted to see what his reaction.

He came back the next day and said that the game plan looked good!


That game plan looks good to me too. What’s the game plan?

It’s like that moment in Kung Fu Panda when the big fat Panda finds out what the secret ingredient to his dad’s secret ingredient soup is. IT IS NOTHING! There is no secret ingredient AND there is no game plan. People are just supposed to think he is special because we say so!

BLANK DVDs. I got that game plan down!

Simply joyous.

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