Jun 11, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers Brian Rolle (47) and LaMarr Woodley (56) participate in agility drills during minicamp at the UPMC Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

LaMarr Woodley doesn’t regret saying Baltimore Ravens wouldn’t win title

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley said that the Baltimore Ravens wouldn’t win a Super Bowl “in this lifetime.” Partially because Woodley felt the Ravens could never get past their division rival the Steelers, who have played in 3 Super Bowls in the past decade.

“I don’t take it back at all,” Woodley said when asked by Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com. “As a player on any team, you’re never going to say your rival is going to win the Super Bowl. That’s knocking you out of the tournament that year. Somebody on their team pretty sure would say that as well. That’s the nature of what it is. A lot of people don’t understand. They’re going to take it the way they want to take it.”

Woodley’s Steelers didn’t even make the playoffs and have a chance to stop the Ravens. And really Lamarr Woodley said this before the “not gonna happen in this lifetime part.”

“No, not at all because they have to go through one team — that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers in that AFC championship. So in order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we’re not gonna let that happen once we get that close.”

But the Ravens did have to go through Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. So it isn’t like they waltzed in.

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  • djost

    if i remember, he originally said that the ravens wouldn’t win a superbowl because Joe Flacco would never be a superbowl winning qb. now he’s back tracking saying more dumb bs. Be a man Woodley and admit you were wrong. personally i don’t think there will even be a rivalry between the ravens and steelers this year because the steelers are in major decline and the raven’s might be an even better team than the one that won the superbowl last year.

    • joeblow

      Well said. Agree 100% with every word.